WWE Pink Slips: Is Matt Hardy Next?

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IApril 23, 2010

Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore have been trying to convince Matt Hardy to jump ship and join TNA.


Working in Orlando makes for an easier travel schedule. Many back stage claim that the atmosphere is very relaxed.


TNA is feeling more and more like WCW when it was trying to compete with the WWE. Hogan is sweet talking top stars to make the change. He convinced RVD and Jeff Hardy to get off the couch.


I am sure there are some within TNA that are not happy with the WWE transplants taking “their spot.”


I am sure the Christopher Daniels would agree with the last statement.


Recently wwe.com gave their “we wish them the best in all future endeavors” to several superstars.


Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore may have succeeded with their mission or rather the WWE saw the writing on the wall.


Matt Hardy recently made some intriguing comments via Twitter

"After 13 title reigns during my WWE career, I've more than exceeded what anyone ever expected from me-& I'm optimistic there's more to come."

"But I truly feel that I'll actually have more to offer to the industry with my mind than I could physically with my body in the long run..

"I have a lot of projects going on currently.. But I love pro wrestling & it will always be in my blood. Always. It's given me a great life."

"You guys give me the motivation to push on with or without the help of the "machine".. I pride myself on being the "Self-Made Superstar"


The latest edition of Smackdown may have been his send off. Intercontental Champion Drew McIntyre stomped Matt Hardy on the steel steps. The referee called the match and Hardy sold the injury.


Does Matt Hardy’s message indicate he is TNA Bound?