We Totally Get It.

Angie MeyerContributor IIApril 23, 2010
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I scrapped the post draft report I had planned for today. It seems the draft stories have changed, the tides have turned, and all eyes have fallen on the Denver Broncos 25 pick, Quarterback, Tim Tebow.
I’ve been listening to all of the these “know-everything” commentators and reading the online jibber-jabber sports journalists panning Denver for their selection, and I can’t help but wonder… well, why?
I’m going to be bold here, so forgive me if it comes off as crass. Is Tebow the next NFL farce, or is the media fearful that an outspoken Christian, home-schooled, pro-life advocate might actually succeed?
Why can’t Tim Tebow be a franchise NFL quarterback? He’s the best Quarterback to every play NCAA ball, he’s broken dozens of records, won a Heisman, taken the Florida Gators to a National Championship, almost two. He was the first NCAA player to both rush and pass for more then twenty touchdowns in a single season. Tebow has the right measurements and stature of an NFL Quarterback, and the character and drive coaches would die for. Famed Coach Jon Gruden said prior to Thursday, “Tim Tebow is 250 pounds, and he’s the strongest human that’s ever played the position.“
I get it, just because you’ve won a Heisman, you’re not guaranteed NFL success. However, anyone would be hard pressed to find someone with such a devotion to the sport and to the game. A player there for the team far before themselves. Why the hatred?
Controversial? It’s debatable. Tim Tebow appeared in an ad funded by Focus on the Family broadcast during Super Bowl XLIV. The Quarterback was featured in a 30-second commercial, and proclaimed his personal decision for being a pro-life advocate. To say the ad ignited a media storm is a gross understatement. Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com started a campaign to halt the ad during the game. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites actually petitioned to keep the ad off of network television. Was it really so bad?
I can’t help but think there is some sort of intimidation factor. Tim Tebow's a character we haven’t seen for awhile. We're in time when NFL players are undergoing investigation for rape charges, animal cruelty, and violation of gun laws, maybe a better role model is what the league should be looking for?
The most interesting note of all. I’ve done explicit research on why Tebow would NOT be a good NFL Quarterback. Reading article after article, and the perplexing finding is that all of the media drive-bys and analysts have little justification for their harsh words. Perhaps Miami Dolphins Quarterback Chad Henne said it best, “He wont work in the NFL. We’ll just leave it at that.”
Maybe the Denver Broncos know something we don’t. Obviously they must, or they wouldn’t have chosen to take him as their first pick when more “sought after” quarterbacks were still available. It will remain to be seen, but something tells me that Tim Tebow will prove a lot of people wrong. It could be Denver who has the last laugh.
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