My Views on WWE Spring Cleaning 2010

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIApril 23, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. Chairman Vince McMahon appears in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Every year after the WWE's annual WrestleMania extravaganza, the largest sports entertainment company in the world decides that it is time to trim the fat, so to speak.

Releases are made, employees are fired, future endeavored...however you want to say it.  This is spring cleaning for the WWE.

In the last 24 hours, we saw 6 confirmed releases and some of which were a surprise.  For those of you who don't see the big picture on why some of these talents were released, let me try and open your eyes to MY views on this.

Shelton Benjaminis an Internet Wrestling Community favorite.  For years, this guy has shown just why he is one of the top overall in-ring workers in the business.  His one downfall is that he has been in the WWE for nearly 10 years (including his time in OVW).  He was pushed on numerous occasions and holds victories over Chris Jericho, Triple H, Ric Flair, and many other top wrestling names.  How many times can you push a talent with no results before it is time to move on?  I'm sorry.  I am as big of a Shelton fan as anyone, but it is absolutely time for him to move on.  Hey, at least he got that WrestleMania paycheck coming his way!

Mickie James.  Hey, do me a favor.  If you are over the age of 18, and are preferably a hetero-sexual male, go to Google Images...turn off your safe search, and type the name Mickie James in the box.  Mickie has a questionable past, but there is no doubting her accomplishments during her stay in the WWE.  The writing on the wall for Mickie has been there for months.  With the humiliation segments at the hands of Michelle McCool, most Internet insiders knew that her time was coming close.  Also, considering Linda McMahonis running for Senate and WWE is as PG as it has been in a long time, I guess they don't want to risk people under the age of 18 Googling her images...

Kung-Funaki goes all the way back to the "Attitude Era" as a member of Kaienti, an all Japanese Wrestler stable that was involved in some very racy segments back in 1998.  Remember when they kidnapped Val Venis and tied him up backstage?  Scary stuff.  There were also rumors that Pat Patterson was a HUGE fan of his...wonder why?  He always has a wellness violation or two under his belt and that could be proof positive for him to be released.  Plus, when was the last time you saw this guy on TV?

Jimmy Wang Yangalso has those ridiculous wellness violations on his resume as well.  He'll find a nice spot on the TNA roster and will be able to finally lose the stupid cowboy gimmick.  Who has ever seen an Asian Cowboy anyway?  He was rarely used on Smackdown and had jobber written all over him for years.  With these new crop of terrible NXT wrestlers (besides Bryan, Barrett, and Gabriel...they are pretty good) WWE has a whole new roster of jobbers coming up through the ranks.

I think you get the point.  The same goes for Katie Lea Burchill, Slam Master J, and Mike Knox who was released a few hours after the above mentioned.  When was the last time any of them did anything relevant on WWE TV?  They will all have no problem finding work on the Indy circuit.

I know everyone is looking forward to seeing that Mike Knox vs. Snitsky match at your local High School Gym! 

I wish all of the above talent luck and I'm sure it is not the last time you will see most of them.  But with the WWE being as PG as ever...and with Linda McMahon running for Senate, I wouldn't be surprised to see other talents cut for past transgressions or on-air activities. 

This is only the beginning of WWE SPRING CLEANING 2010!


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