2010 S.O.B. Awards: Worst Moments of the Syracuse Basketball Season

Dan LyonsContributor IApril 23, 2010

I now have the honor of giving out one of the more downtrodden awards of the 2010 "Syracuse Orange Blogger" Awards: Worst Moments of the Season.

In a season where Syracuse shocked the nation, achieved a No. 1 ranking in the country at one point, as well as a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, it is hard to pinpoint too many bad moments, but two in particular stuck out to Orange fans.

In second place is Arinze Onuaku's injury during the Big East Tournament game against Georgetown.

The injury received votes from Matt Glaude of Hoya Suxa , Orange Chuck from the Big Orange Bloggers and Jameson Fleming of Bleacher Report.

Each describes their reasoning for voting for AO's injury:

Matt Glaude: "Greg Monroe assaulting Arinze Onuaku in the Big East Tournament, thereby ruining my life and Onuaku's quadricep."

Orange Chuck: "Watching AO go down and having a sudden desire to burn down anything Georgetown related-because we knew it was bigger than just losing a BET game.

"The Butler and LeMoyne losses sucked big time and so did losing twice to Louisville but nothing made me have that slow motion 'NO!' moment like watching the big guy get hurt. I hate you, Georgetown."

Jameson Fleming: "Arinze Onuaku rolling around in pain.  His injury ended the season for everyone early."

The winner of this year's S.O.B. for Worst Moment however, is pretty obvious, as it was also the final moment—the end of the Butler game in the Sweet 16.

This unfortunate moment received the rest of the votes from the participating bloggers: Sean Keeley of Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician , Brian from CuseOrange , Brian Harrison of Orange::44 , D.A. of Orange Fizz , Steve of CuseOrange , Josh of Cuse Country , Syracusan of Cuse CountryAndrew of Three Idiots on Sports and myself.

Here are a few of our reasons why the Butler loss was, in fact, the worst moment of 2010.

Sean Keeley: That final turnover in the Butler game.  Realizing it was officially lost and the season was over.

Dan Lyons: The three-point shot in the Butler game from the corner that rolled around the rim, off the glass, then went in.  That was the nail in the coffin for me.

Steve, CuseOrange: Having to sell my Final Four tickets to Butler fan.  I felt like the AO injury and final three minutes of the Butler game ruined what felt like destiny to me.  I hadn't felt this much pain after a game since the Vermont debacle.

Syracusan, Cuse Country: Intellectually, I know the worst moment for the team was when Arinze went down in a heap, because that directly led to failure afterward. But nothing can compare to the emotional devastation of the last 60 seconds of the Butler game

Check in at 2 p.m. at Hoya Suxa , where the award for Best Game of the Season will be given out.