Brett Favre Upset over Undercooked Steak

Joe GSenior Writer IJuly 16, 2008

Brett Favre is in the news yet again after a disturbing sequence of events in a Gulfport, MS area Applebee's.

According to Jim Gunson, the manager on duty at the time, Favre ordered the popular Bourbon Street Steak, medium-well, at about 7:34 PM local time. When he received his food, he felt that the kitchen had "disrespected" him by sending out a steak that was medium-rare at best.

"You've made a big mistake by not delivering on what could have been a key part of my meal," Favre reportedly yelled at the waitstaff. Waitress Allison Smith offered to send the food back and bring Favre a complimentary margarita while he waited.

The rest of the meal passed without incident, until a teary-eyed Favre, done with his steak, announced that he had to use the restroom. The bewildered dining room patrons watched him enter the men's room and then quickly returned to their meals.

Gunson began to grow suspicious when Favre did not return for 45 minutes. Upon entering the restroom to investigate, he noticed that the window had been opened wide enough for a body to fit through. At this point, Gunson said he called the police.

"Look, I love Brett Favre as much as the next guy, but he needs to realize that we're trying to run a business here. I know he wanted "Ruth's Chris" service, but apparently our offer of a free dessert wasn't good enough for him," Gunson said.

After another 15 minutes had passed, a slightly muddy Favre walked in the front doors and said that he could never eat at that Applebee's again, citing feelings of "discomfort and disrespect." An eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous said that Favre had been hiding in the bushes weeping for the previous hour.

It was at this point that the confrontation between Favre and Gunson turned physical.

"Favre tried to leave, and I threw myself in front of the doors. He ordered our food, and there's no way he's taking his business to that Chili's across the street after the trouble he's caused," said Gunson. "I told him to wait until the police showed up, then we could sort this mess out."

At this point, Favre began attempting to rally the other diners to his cause. Tables four and seven seemed slightly interested, but only because they could finish their meals in peace after he left.

At the time of writing, no charges had been filed.