Mock Drafts: Making a Mockery Of The Draft Leaves Egg On Faces

TideFanAtlantaContributor IApril 23, 2010

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I always watch the NFL draft in its entirety.  I love seeing the players I like (especially SEC, but all college teams) rewarded for their hard work.  It fills in that dead space “off season” when all you can do is watch DVD’s of past games and wait for the fall. 

Analysis of football, the media and the experts that write mock drafts however, have started to …… grate on my nerves.  Is it important?  Well, no, not in the big scheme of life but look at it this way:  they get paid for their “expert” opinion.   

I would like to express a word of caution to fans before they jump on the band wagons of the sports media and mock drafts whose number one job is to call attention to their analysis, blog, or broadcast. You might wind up with the proverbial egg on your face.

Here is what happened to me… can't make this stuff up.


Monday April 21 Walter Football Website:

#18 Pittsburg Steelers - Rolando McClain:

 (Paraphrased)…I know many of you will be surprised to see McClain this low in the draft but he will only play on 2 downs because he can’t cover passing in 4-3 defense in the NFL and is not worth a higher pick because a corner would have to cover 3rd and long.

My Email to Walt:


“Re:  Rolando McClain


Dear Walter Football:


I just joined your blog as TideFanAtlanta last night.  I have been viewing your website for some time, I like it.


I think you made a booboo on Rolando.  In your analysis you say that he will only play 2 downs in most defenses.  This is completely wrong. Rolando McClain is the Butkus award winner and he played every down in every series.  You must have him mixed up with Terrance Cody who shared the NG position with Chapman? You don’t explain why and it makes no sense to me at all.”


Keep in mind I actually was trying to hold my tongue here. I did not mention the fact that he had lowered Rolando (now known to the world by his nickname, Boo, thanks to ESPN) to #18 which is the lowest of any mock draft.  I was not trying to be a smartass either. In my complete innocence I really did not believe that any expert football analyst would think that Ro did not have the ability to cover!  And yes, we understand the difference in the scheme so I felt the following response stupid.

Walt’s Reply:

I'm glad you like the site. I appreciate it.

Huge difference between the college and the pros. Rolando McClain wouldn't be used on nickel downs because he's not very good in coverage (he's great against the run). So he would be the linebacker replaced by the nickel corner on third-and-long situations.

In other words, Rolando only works for a 3-4 defense.  The Bukus Award winner does not have the ability to cover. I responded back but truly was speechless due to the fact that I not seen or heard this analysis of Rolando prior to running across this one.  I figure there is no point in arguing.  This expert says Rolando “can’t” do it.  Not that he did not have to do it at Alabama, but he can’t do it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010. 4:35 P.M  Walter Football Website - Revised

#15, New York Giants - Rolando McClain

In this revision there is NO MENTION of him only playing on 2 downs and requiring a corner to cover 3rd and long.

“it's not like McClain would be a liability or anything; he is the better player and his tremendous talent would really benefit the Giants”.

Interesting revision don’t you think?

Friday, April 23 Post 1st Round Comments from the Oakland Raiders:

"The guy made plays," Raiders coach Tom Cable said. "He made plays against the run, he made plays against the pass. ... But the thing that thrilled me the most is that he's playing in arguably the best college football conference there is, and he's able to go out there and direct it. The more you watch this guy, it was pretty easy to feel as a football coach that, man, he's really got his hand on this thing. And, obviously, you can't argue with the success they had as a football team."  AND

McClain played mostly in a 3-4 defense at Alabama, but Cable believes he can easily transition into Oakland's 4-3 scheme.

Really Tom?  Ya, Think?  He has the Ability?  You mean Dick Butkus got it right?

Now please, don’t mistake all of this as a condemnation of Walter Football and this is not the only mock draft I follow.  There are several I follow and there are others I think do a much worse job of it including some on ESPN.  I am simply making an illustration. 

The Tim Tebow Craze:

This instance is not even close to what Florida fans have had to endure over the analysis of Tim Tebow’s (Mr. I threw for 450 yards in the Sugar Bowl) throwing motion.  Denver’s selection made me cheer as much as I did for my Bama boys and fall off the couch laughing.  I hope you did not miss Jon Gruden’s comments about Tebow followed by the rude Mel Kipper.  Kipper had to ONCE again run Tim down after the pick.  He could not let Tebow enjoy it for 30 seconds before stating his “expert” opinion.

I truly thought Gruden was going to punch Kipper in the mouth!

I especially enjoyed Steve Young (who I personally have always thought as arrogant) jumping in and saying that he told Tebow to NOT change his throwing motion!  And this from an NFL Hall of Fame QB.  I’ll take his word over a Mel Kipper any day. 

Now let’s all watch tonight as Todd McShay and the bunch can’t explain why Clausen and McCoy are still available.  Now Todd, wash that egg off your face.


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