Vote A-Rod to The All-Star Game

Straight Outta V-TownCorrespondent IApril 23, 2010

I don't understand the obsession so-called experts have with Eva/Evan Longoria. Suggesting that he is better than Alex Rodriguez is blasphemy. Longoria doesn't hit for a particularly high average, doesn't draw as many walks, doesn't hit for as much power, doesn't run as well, and strikes out a lot more than A-Rod. I can understand why some of the media has something against A-Rod after the steroids admission, but no matter how you spin it, A-Rod is clearly the vastly superior player. It's not even close. Last season A-Rod missed the first quarter of the season due to hip surgery, yet still slugged 30 homers, 100 RBIs, stole 14 bags, got on base at a .402 clip, and had a .933 OPS. This is actually his one of his worst seasons. While Longoria, at full strength and missed only 5 games in total, had only 3 more homers, 13 more RBIs. His OBP was only .364 and OPS was a mediocre .889, plus 9 stolen bases. It's clear that A-Rod, at his worst, is still better than Longoria's ceiling. Please get the media bs out of your head and stop the Yankees bashers from keeping A-Rod from starting in the Summer Classic.

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P.S. If you need help voting, here is my lineup for AL and NL.


First Base-Miguel Cabrera: Cabrera is a professional hitter who is a poor man's Albert Pujols. He hits for both average and power. He is a serious MVP candidate. His career number is off the chart. He has a higher average, OPS, OBP this season and in his career than his primary competition, Mark Teixeira. Throw in Teixeira's customary slow start, Cabrera clearly deserves it. Kevin Youkilis, Justin Morneau, and Paul Konerko are some of the other more legitimate candidates, but at the end of the day, it's not even close. Cabrera should start.

Second Base-Robinson Cano: There isn't as many superstars in this position. I usually pick Brian Roberts at second base, but he is injured this year. So are Aaron Hill and Ian Kinsler. Chone Figgins is struggling in his new home park. It comes down to Cano and Dustin Pedroia, who are both hitting for average and power in the early going. So far, Cano has the edge.

Third Base-Alex Rodriguez: Nuff said.

Shortstop-Derek Jeter: Again, nuff said!

Catcher-Jorge Posada: Yes, another Yankee. I know many of you clamors for Joe Mauer, but so far, I don't see Mauer keeping up his power standard from last season. Last year's power binge could very much be a fluke. If Posada can keep up 30 homer pace, he deserves to start.

Outfield: Ichiro, Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu-Believe it or not, there is not that many superstar outfielders after the end of the steroid era. If Vernon Wells and Magglio Ordonez could keep up their torrid pace, they all have a shot to unseat the three guys I listed.

Designated Hitter-Vladimir Guerrero: All-Star game needs star power and Guerrero is definitely one of the biggest stars of the generation. Now playing in a notorious hitter's park, it would not be surprising if Vlad has a huge bounceback season. If David Ortiz can shake off his slump, he would be a shoo-in. I highly doubt Jose Guillen can keep up the current pace. Hideki Matsui and Andruw Jones are 2 other more serious candidates, but Vlad should be the guy.


First Base-Albert Pujols: It's too bad that Pujols is so much better than everybody else because there are actually a lot of premium sluggers at this position. Lance Berkman, Adam Dunn, Todd Helton, Derrek Lee, Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, and Prince Fielder are all legitimate superstars, but Pujols is just that much better.

Second Base-Chase Utley: Utley is a shoo-in because few second baseman has his combination of speed, average, and power.

Third Base-Chipper Jones: If Chipper can stay healthy, he is still one of the premiere offensive players in the league. Scott Rolen and David Wright are two of the more serious challengers, but Wright's power has disappeared since Citi Field was built and Rolen has more injury problems than Chipper.

Shortstop-Hanley Ramirez: He's a potential 40-40 threat at shortstop. He's probably the best offensive shortstop since A-Rod and Nomar Garciaparra. Jose Reyes, Jimmy Rollins, Rafael Furcal, Edgar Renteria, and Troy Tulowitzki are not close to his level of production.

Catcher-Ivan Rodriguez: Pudge got off to a great start this season, but it's doubtful that he will keep it up. His selection is more of a testament of how poor NL catchers are. Geovany Soto and Russell Martin have faded into oblivion after promising seasons a few years ago. Brian McCann is the only other serious candidate.

Outfield-Manny Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, and Jim Edmonds: Ramirez is a shoo-in. Love him or hate him, he's one of the greatest hitters of all-time. Few hitters in the current era instill more fear than Man-Ram. He is also on a roll this season. I don't understand the hate the media has for Soriano. His flaws are well-documented. He has never been a great fielder no matter if it's at second base or outfield. His plate discipline is poor compare to other elite sluggers like A-Rod, Pujols, and Manny. But he has the rare combination of speed and power (annual 30-30 threat if healthy). Early returns show that he is not washed up and still has a lot of pop in his bat. Few players in the MLB can match his offensive production. Usually Carlos Beltran would be my third starter, but he hasn't really played in a year, so I am picking Edmonds. Edmonds deserves to be selected not because of his remarkable comeback story this year, after collusion forced him to sit out a year, but based on merit alone. He is the definition of a 5 tool player. An amazing centerfielder with 8 gold gloves plus 40 plus homers power. Edmonds is truly one of a kind. Even at age 40, he is proving that he is far from washed up. His currently stats line: .341 average, 1000 OPS is amazing consider that he didn't play at all last year.