Is Wojciech Szczesny Ready To Be Arsenal No.1 Next Season

Andrew WoodCorrespondent IApril 23, 2010

HIGH WYCOMBE, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 24:  Wojciech Szczesny of Brentford saves a penalty with his feet during the Coca-Cola League One match between Wycombe Wanderers and Brentford at Adams Park on November 24, 2009 in High Wycombe, England.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

I will start this article by saying I love this club, I really do, their no other club like it in England or maybe even Europe. There's always something to write about today its Goalkeepers (every arsenal's fan favourite subject)

We are probably the only elite club in the Europe who are in this kind of conundrum, we have two keepers in Almunia and Fabianski who in all fairness don't deserve to be an Arsenal player and two outstanding young goalkeepers in Mannone and Wojciech Szczesny.

My question to all Arsenal fans is that is it possible for Wojciech Szczesny to become an Arsenal no.1 next summer? I will say yes, why not Casillas did it when he was 19 at Real Madrid and Wojciech Szczesny if he was a midfielder or a striker would have been in our team already playing regularly.

Wojciech Szczesny is a 20 year old whose father was also a goalkeeper for the Polish National Team. Wojciech Szczesny is a keeper blessed with a height that most keepers envy, standing at 1.96 meters (6'5), loves confrontations, cocky and most of all he knows the basics of goalkeeping

I read an interview about Wojciech Szczesny where he said something that made our whole goalkeeping mess clear it was so simple. I am not sure why any of us didn't see it before, he said “I’ve said before that you need to learn the basics in this league to then take that back to Arsenal. You might have seen in recent months that Arsenal goalkeepers have had problems with the basics,". How true is this?

I will start with Almunia most people don't rate him any more than an average keeper but he is an excellent shot stopper (proof Barca game) but he lacks the basics which is when should a keeper go for the ball, when he should punch it and finally how to grab the ball and not let go of it like Almunia did in the Birmingham game.

The same problem is with Fabianski he is also an excellent shot stopper maybe with better reflexes than Almunia but he doesn't know how to grab a ball, when to come for a ball when someone crosses it . This was evident in the Wigan game, Fabianski saved a great shot which went through the legs of Sol in the wigan game but he couldn't hold on to a cross and a wigan player just dink ed his head and scored.

I can swear I have never been more furious at an arsenal player than I was with Fabianski because I think he can be one of the best but he doesn't know his basics which is why he keeps making these mistake and until he goes back and learn his basics these mistakes will keep happening.

To be a good goalkeeper you need to make simple saves, you need to know when to go for the ball and when you should hold on to the ball. To become a great goalkeeper you need to know the basic but also make incredible saves from time to time but to be one of the best in the world you need consistency and that's the difference so where does it put Almunia and Fabianski well no where, they don't make the basic saves then when they do make world class saves nobody notices them because these saves are over shadowed by their mistakes.

Wojciech Szczesny is different he knows the basics and he understands get the basics right first then the incredible saves will come (being blessed with world class reflexes doesn't hurt). Wenger has already said that Szczesny will be a future arsenal no.1 "I really believe in him that he will one day be Arsenal's No 1. He has all the qualities you want from a goalkeeper. That means a good basic confidence level, he is very brave, fantastic size, very agile and his speed in his reflexes is absolutely unbelievable." and you won't disagree with him when you consider his current performances with Brentford this year. This year Brentford has kept 14 clean sheets all season and from those 14 Szczesny has kept 10-11 clean sheets. His manager at Brentford thinks the same as me about Szczesny involvement next season "All I can say is Wojciech has done everything in his power here. He is a fantastic lad who is desperate for the chance and is mature beyond his years. His performances suggest that he would not be out of place in the Championship or even the Premier League. It has reached the stage where when he lets in a goal we wonder why he hasn't saved it."

I think I have made my views very clear If Wojciech Szczesny is given his chance and he takes it with both hands then there's no need to bring in a new keeper just make Almunia no.2 and send Fabianski out on loan and hope he turns around. If you don't think Wojciech Szczesny is ready then hopefully you guys will agree that Lloris or Hart are not the way forward, you buy young when you don't have promising keepers coming through. If Wojciech Szczesny is not ready yet then in my view go for an experienced keeper in his late 20s or in his 30s, goalkeepers unlike outfield players can  perform at their peak till their late 30's example Edvin Van Der Sar.

My last article got 1100 views and 20 comments which is not right, if you read an article then please leave a comment to show if you agree with it or not. If you don't then explain why may you can change my view? or maybe I can change your view


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