How Stupid Is The WWE?

Joel GarciaContributor IIApril 23, 2010

Hey guys, 

If you didn't already know the WWE released six of their superstars (two of them including divas). I am MORALLY OUTRAGED that they released Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James (also i guess Smackdown's resident redneck).

Those superstar/diva are huge crowd entertainers and know how to wrestle very well (I don't know if some of you agree with me on the part of Mickie James, but lets face it she is better than some of the other divas). 

I mean what were the WWE thinking when they released Shelton Benjamin. He can draw in huge money and ratings if only the creative team gave him a massive push and put him up against someone decent and made him stop losing all the time JEEZ!!!

They (WWE) didn't leave any reason as to why they released them (Shelton and Mickie, don't really care 'bout the rest. I mean really Slam Master J *scoffs* PATHETIC). They just left them with the note "We wish them all the best in all there future endeavours." To me once again that note is a load of BS. (Sorry for the swearing, I am really passionate).

IF (and that's a big if) the WWE can only realise the talent they have just lost. Shelton can have a better career on freaking TNA (if he decides to pursue his future in TNA). At least there he will be a main eventer and won't be a jobber. 

You know what i personally think, I think the WWE is getting LAZY...and fast. They just release anyone who doesn't fit in with their story-lines or their plans or whatever. I understand if they are crap, but really Shelton Benjamin, The Gold Standard.

HECK I know what WWE, Chavo Guerrero hasn't been on, where is he at nowadays (besides Superstars) release him and leave that stupid note of yours. He hasn't been up to your standards. (Just an example of another misused talent. Don't worry I don't want him released, but I am just saying).

On my final note,

WWE please, please think before you release a talent such as Benjamin or Mickie. (Mickie is one of the better standards of Divas on there). 

Peace all, :D