2010 NFL Draft Filled With Big Winners and Big Losers.

John HatelakContributor IApril 23, 2010

The impact of this draft will be felt immediately! With the depth of this draft, if a team picked a player in round one, and he's not a starter, said team should fire whoever was making the final pick. This I feel has been actually accomplished in this draft with the Denver Broncos by the way. I'll get to that later.

There's also some teams draft guru due for a big raise as well.  Lets start right at the top. 

To me the Sam Bradford pick was made just as much to get a buzz back in St. Louis, and put fannies in the seats, as well as hock Rams merchandise,  as much as it was about making the right choice. 

I think he is going to be good so they may have accomplished both agendas. But I still feel he's not number one overall value, but you always overpay on a stud QB. Nice start for St. Louis.

In my opinion the real winners in this draft so far are the Detroit Lions. They follow up an already amazing off-season with an equally impressive draft. 

Ndamukong Suh Is the best player in this draft. If he stays healthy he, in my opinion, will have the best career of all the players in this draft. 

Then you throw in trading back in the late first, and getting an explosive player like Jahvid Best (who I feel is the best running back in this draft) was the cherry on top of the sunday with the Lions. This is not your Daddy's Lions.

 The Bucs made a solid choice with McCoy. Not sure if they tried to, and failed, but I would have tried to trade down. They just need so much there. They could've gotten their three technique, and maybe an explosive weapon to help talented prospect Josh Freeman as well. I didn't see too many teams behind them that needed a Tamp two style tackle. They may have been able to have gotten McCoy in the middle of the first. Still I like the pick. Especially if they couldn't get rid of it, because of the high salaried slot position at three overall. 

Washington I feel filled a need, and got a good player, but missed on the right ledft Tackle here. I think Okung had the better value as he was the number one rated Tackle in this draft.

Eric Berry being the conensus number one rated safety in the draft is a good get, but I think getting Okung here Would've been smarter. They could've slid their current Left Tackle to left Guard and improved two positions for one while giving their highly paid starting Quarterback Matt Cassell some much needed protection.

The next two big winners were Seattle, and San Fransisco. They both hit on their two number ones. A feat that should be accomplished, but often isn't. Of course they could all fail, but for now on paper you have to say this is a cream puff of a draft.

 The Seahawks got two immediate Starters with Russell Okung the top rated left Tackle in the draft at number five, and who I think is the best Free Safety in the draft Earl Thomas with the fourteenth over all pick. They got two high caliber starters.

San Fran moves up to get that troubled left tackle position solidified with the highest rated tackle in this draft. Then they complete the left side of the line with what many are saying is the highest rated Guard in years, Mike Iupati.

I like the Joe Haden pick for the Cleveland Browns. Acquiring the highest rated cornerback in the draft is certainly cause for celebration.

Rolando McClain was a surprise pick by the Raiders, but in a good way this year. McClain a very solid pick. The best Interior Linebacker in the draft. It was a need, and great value pick all in one.

Now the Bills I feel reached. I think they could've traded down, and gotten this guy later. He's very explosive, but I don't even feel he's the 2nd rated running back in this draft. Forget the top running back. Not a huge need of theirs either.

 The Jacksonville Jaguars would've had the distinction for the top reach in this draft if it weren't for Denver. I'll get to them soon enough. 

Tyson Alualu is a nice player. He may even be a starter this year, but he won't be top ten pick good. 

I also think San Diego reached for Ryan Mathews. Most had him falling to them where they were. The only team that picked a running back after they did was Detroit at 30 th overall. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 28th (where they were originally) is ahead of 30th.

The Philadelphia Eagles reached too I feel. I like nearly every pick that came after this one. Brandon Graham is a good player, but this is poor value. A trade down would've been the desirable thing to do here.

I though the New York Giants reached too. Jason Pierre-Paul an unbelievable athlete, but only a small sample size of actual game experience. This has bust written all over it to me. In my opinion project picks come late in the draft not 15th overall, and thats what he is. A project. Its also not a huge need for the Giants.

Tennessee might have been saved from themselves here. They too were all over Paul, but went with Derrick Morgan who is the safest, and most logical pick of the two defensive End prospects. Sometimes the moves you don't make are your best.

The Pittsburgh Steelers could've given their fans something positive to cheer for after just a horrendous week where they lost their Super Bowl MVP Wide Receiver, and possibly their 2-time Super Bowl winning quarterback too.

They kind of did you can say. They did get a good solid guard who will start for them, and likely collect a few Pro bowls along the way, however, not a very exciting one. Not sure what the rest of the draft has in store for the Steelers, but Dez Bryant would've looked good here don't you think? 

I like the Falcons pick of Outside Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. Good value at a need position.

Cornerback was a need position for the Houston Texans, so Kareem Jackson made a lot of sense here after they allowed Dunta Robinson to walk. However Kyle Wilson was a better choice here to me.

I think the Bengals completely reached here for Jermaine Gresham. The player they picked is pretty good, but not in the first round. Not too many teams are looking for pass catching Tight Ends, because they got one or don't really want one. They could've possibly traded up for a real stud or down into the second, and still have gotten Gresham. Need or not.

Now we get to the biggest loser on day one of the draft. At first I thought the trade downs were genius moves. Obviously McDaniels has followed in his mentors footsteps, and even made a trade with Bill Belicheck. They were in position to replace Brandon Marshall with the Best Wide Receiver in the draft at great value at 22nd overall!

But they blow it and get a wide receiver with character questions same as Bryant, and has never run a route tree, or played in a pro offense. To top that off he's been on the shelf, and couldn't even workout for his Pro day or at the combine as he's been recovering from a broken foot. A very important asset for a receiver I hear. Healthy Foot good! Un-healthy foot bad.

Then they trade away all those picks they accumulated to get in the late first round, and you think its a great move. Then they pick Tim Tebow.

Even if they feel good about him eventually developing into the Quarterback of the future, to think he's not at the very least a 2 year project, and most likely longer, is curious at best. Apparently McDaniels feels pretty good about his job security to feel confident enough to pick two huge projects that won't be fully developed at their projected positions for awhile. Denver loses big time.

Green Bay went for a need with their 23rd pick, picking Brian Bulaga. I think they could've done better. Bulaga to me looks too un-athletic to play Left Tackle on the next level. He looks and moves like a Guard. He's just so stiff to me. I think he may settle in at Right Tackle eventually.

The Dallas Cowboys win big on thier 24th overall selection. What tremendous value they get here! If Bryant can learn quickly the Cowboys are going to be a tough win to get off of. Regardless how good a team may be. They might be scary on offense. No wonder Romo's good. Give me those weapons, and I'm in the Pro Bowl.

Arizona got a need filled, and a pretty good football player (Nose Tackle Dan Williams) to boot. Its hard to argue with this choice, so I won't even try.

New England just like The Texans did 7 slots earlier picked the wrong Cornerback. Kyle Wilson Is the second best Cornerback in this draft, and two teams missed out on the opprotunity to draft him. Devin McCourty gives them extra value in special teams as he may be the best Special teams all around player in the entire draft. So that had to factor in this decison. Is Belichek losing his touch? We'll see.

Miami then Picked Jared Oderick to play 5 technique for them. A big need pick here. He's definitely cut out of the Parcels draft pick mold.

The Jets are another huge winner! Just like the Lions the Jets have had one of the better off-seasons. Aparently they want to be able to enhance that 46 defense I love so much. They have the Corners to do it now. Blitz at will, and suffer little in consequence. Wilson just impressive on tape. Shut down ability & he'll probably start out as a nickleback and a special teamer till Cromarties contract and/or skills run out. Whichever comes first. This kids a great blitzer, and an agressive tackler.

 Indianapolis Surprised me! With THE best Defensive End tandem in all of Football already on your team this pick makes you scratch your head. Could there be a second day deal? Mathais anyone?

Lastly New Orleans Made a savvy pick by picking Patrick Robinson at 32nd overall.