Rick Nash: Destined For Toronto

Steve TerryAnalyst IJuly 16, 2008

Its going to happen.

Rick Nash was the superstar "home boy" in Ontario. Growing up in the Toronto area, he would have someday loved to return to his roots.

I know. Why will Columbus not sign Nash? I think there will be several reasons why.

Rick Nash has been stuck in Columbus and has only recently shown the stardom he once did (playing for London Knights). You can see it happening. He has not seen any improvements made to the the Blue Jackets.

Sergei Federov was traded away by Columbus to improve their club for the future. Does this mean they will just start all over again?

Quite probably.

Though Nash has never fully lived up to his potential (aside from tying for the lead in scoring in 2004), he has shown signs of blooming with a big season last year. Much like Vincent Lecavalier and Joe Thornton, Nash just needed a few years of experience under his belt to turn into the player that will dominate the NHL.

So how is Toronto going to get him?

Nash will get tired of playing in Columbus and with free agency approaching, he will choose not to sign with Columbus. He will want to pick a team where he is more interested in playing.

Toronto could be the front-runner for his services.

The Maple Leafs will just have to jump at the chance to sign him and make necessary changes to require him from Columbus.

The bottom line? Rick Nash is a Canadian boy that would make a great captain for Toronto and would also be the player that they can also start building around.

Cliff Fletcher must start making those changes and be aggressive to signing this young superstar.