The Missing Piece to The Puzzle: Packers Succesfully Select Bryan Bulaga

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2010

After nearly two hours of waiting, hoping and guessing which players would go where, the verdict for the Green Bay Packers is finally in. Bryan Bulaga is now a Green Bay Packer, and he is set to make an impact on the offensive line.

I think I speak for all Packer fans in saying we all breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Ted Thompson had come through for the loyal fan base. And when Boomer made the simple statement that "Bryan Bulaga just looks like an old school Packer," we all knew straight away that this young man is destined for a long and promising career.

In usual NFL Draft fashion, there was a certain buzz in the air as Sam Bradford's instant selection by the St. Louis Rams kicked things off. Surprise upsets followed, notably C.J Spiller's pickup by the Buffalo Bills.

However, the Green Bay Packers did have quite a scare thanks to the San Francisco 49ers, who managed to take two of Green Bay's potential draft picks in Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati.

I began to wonder if Ted Thompson had a surprise in store for Packer Nation, though he managed to play it safe and fulfill Packers requirements.

So what does Bryan Bulaga bring to the Green Bay Packers?

Well, it's quite simple discipline in the offensive line, the capacity to shut down defensive rushers, and the ability to provide paths for running backs on any given play.

In 2009, Ryan Grant provided glimpses of what seemed to be, for the most part, a very promising future. In the beginning, we typically saw 2- to 3- yard rushing per game, and as the season progressed, we witnessed his growth in self-confidence.

Bryan Bulaga is a fantastic run blocker, and although Ryan Grant isn't the fastest back in the league, when he is running at full steam, he can be known to throw a duke or two on his way toward the end zone.

Aside from how Bryan Bulaga benefits Ryan Grant, he will also protect Aaron Rodgers quite well. Rodgers has also been known to move out of the pocket quite swiftly and often put himself at risk to oncoming defensive lineman.

A major positive in Bryan Bulaga's game is that he simply doesn't rest.

After engaging in contact, Bulaga never lets a defender get away easily, and often doesn't stop until the defender is more or less on the ground and beat.

It's typical smashmouth Packer football right out of Iowa that often supports Green Bay.  Bryan Bulaga is everything Packer faithfuls could hope for, and although he isn't the most fit and conditioned offensive lineman, he is good to simply get the job done and stay out of controversy.

Congratulations, Green Bay, on making another succesful pick! Perhaps the Packers did get lucky that Bulaga fell to the 23rd spot, but hey, no complaints here.