Good Thing Jed York Doesn't Listen To Critics

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Good Thing Jed York Doesn't Listen To Critics
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OK, Jed York-haters, get out that venom and get those knives sharpened, because, oh my gosh, San Francisco's draft-day performance was so horrific.

Uh, yeah, right.

It was awesome!

You're gonna have to come up with some good excuses about why the team's selection of an offensive tackle and guard were wrong.

Far from imploding, the 49ers' franchise is on the upswing, with a young man learning on the job, while doing a good job.

Talk about about a bunch of whiners being so wrong, but you are really good at it, so I await your wisdom with baited breath.

Oh, I know, if York doesn't win a Super Bowl, all your whining was justified, right? No wonder my Raider buddies call Niner fans, "Whiner" fans.

I'm sure the "Whiner" fans will whine about Anthony Davis, a prospect who could return respectability to the 49ers left tackle position.

We have not had a great left tackle since Steve Wallace left. Perhaps Steve Young could have played a bit longer had Wallace been replaced by someone a bit more skilled.

"Whiner" fans will probably burst a vessel with the choice of Idaho offensive guard Mike Iupati.

Despite the whiners' protestations, these moves were smart ones, and they went against nearly all the advice provided, for free, thankfully, from Bay Area sports columnists who gave the organization many suggestions.

I'm glad York doesn't listen to writers, including me when I used to be on the same degrading bandwagon.

During the Bill Walsh era, had the 49ers listened to the then-sports columnists, we would never have won five Lombardis.

We would still be sweeping newsprint out of the bird cages.

York is establishing an organization that is being built with excellence as its foundation. I still say going back to the Glory Year colors was a move that should have showed 49ers' Faithful that York "gets it."

He understands the franchise's history; the role his uncle played; what it took to achieve such excellence.

That doesn't mean every move this young man makes will turn to gold; however, his uncle didn't always make the correct calls, nor did those who worked for him, including Walsh, Carmen Policy and others.

Yet Eddie DeBartolo Jr. is the only single operating owner of the same ownership group to have earned five Super Bowl rings; not even the Pittsburgh Steelers can claim that, since different Rooney family members served as the operating partner/owner during its six Super Bowl runs.

I'm not saying York made the call to acquire Davis; obviously, coach Mike Singletary had a lot to do with it, having visited with Davis.

And we cannot underestimate the aggressive move from the 13th to the 11th pick made by Trent Baalke, who took over the draft at what many said was a horrible time.

Baalke also gets it. They had this planned for some time, and they didn't play their hand.

Many whiner columnists and writers predicted doom and gloom. We were told how the 49ers would implode because a general manager could just not leave a franchise so close to the draft.

Humble pie should be on the morning menu for "whiner" fans and columnists predicting doom and gloom.

That the draft has so far turned out so good is a credit to York, Singletary, Baalke and all the other hard-working San Francisco professionals who are showing us that the 49ers are more than one person, one position.

They are a team, whose motto, "Show me; Don't tell me" is exemplified by a young owner with a great deal of potential.

Davis, our new tackle, said Singletary is building something special here in San Francisco.

Yeah, he is.

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