The First Round Of the 2010 NFL Draft For The 49ers Not What Was Expected

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IApril 22, 2010

The 2010 NFL offered a glimmer of hope especially in the first round for the San Francisco 49ers. That hope was to improve the offensive line. In the mock drafts with the 13th pick the 49ers were going seen as taking Anthony Davis out of Rutgers. 

So when the draft finally came  and the 49ers actually had to trade up to the 11th pick to get Davis. The 49ers had done their job with improving the offensive line. The reason why the 49ers had to trade up is because the Miami Dolphins were going to draft Davis with the 12th pick. 

The one knock on Davis is his baggage with immaturity issues and his work ethic. But, Davis was considered one of the more athletic linemen in the draft and he could make an impact right away.

In fact if you were too grade Davis as a pick for the 49ers it would be an A because the 49ers needed to improve the offensive line. 

Since the 49ers traded up to the 11th pick that meant the 49ers gave up the 13th pick and their fourth round pick.So, when the 49ers were back on the clock with the 17th pick in the draft that's when the head scratching began.  

Instead of going after another need to fill the 49ers chose Mike Iupati out of the University of Idaho. The problem I see with the pick is that Iupati is not known for his ability in pass protection. 

So why would the 49ers take Iupati? Sure he was the highest ranked guard in the draft. The issue though is that he's a tremendous run blocker but he's raw in pass protection. 

This quote sticks out to me in regards to Iupati "he was completely abused in pass protection by Geno Atkins. Iupati was beaten numerous times, was called for holding once, and should have been whistled for holding two other times. Iupati is a tremendous run-blocking guard who is raw in pass protection." 

Iupati isn't what the 49ers needed since he's raw in pass protection and that has been the major concern for the 49ers. That is why the pick of Iupati doesn't make sense. 

At this point the 49ers instead should have gone after another need instead of the offensive line. At 17 the 49ers could have drafted Kyle Wilson, Sean Weatherspoon, or Sergio Kindle.

Going after two offensive linemen did not make much sense because the 49ers needed a cornerback, linebacker, and a pass rusher. 

Even with that the 49ers could have looked to trade down because of how deep the draft is.  

Right now it's hard too say that the 49ers did well in the first round. I can see why Iupati is considered a good pick at 17 based on his size, strength, and his ability to run block.Yet, some may find that the 49ers have drafted a player that is considered raw and not ready to start right away.

It's extremely tough to determine how well the 49ers actually made out in the first round with Iupati being a project.