Ohio State Buckeyes: Surprising #1 in Poll Averages

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Ohio State Buckeyes:  Surprising #1 in Poll Averages

For all you Ohio State and Big Ten haters rolling your eyes at that headline, just hold on a second. 

The top 25 poll I'm about to reveal is not my opinion, nor is it the opinion of any one source.  It's a collection of eight fairly respectable preseason polls averaged together to create one top 25 ranking.

Just a few technical things about how I did this: 

If you're voted number one in a poll you get 25 points.  If you're voted number number twenty-five in a poll then you get 1 point.  I think you can fill in the gaps.  Basically the most amount of points you can have with 8 polls would be 200.  Also, in case of a tie, the tiebreaker goes to whoever is ranked the highest in any individual poll.  I'm not saying this is correct, I just thought it would be interesting.

My sources were Athlon, ESPN, Sportingnews, Lindy's, Sportsprojections, USA Today, Bankroll, and the semi-god of college football preseason rankings, Phil Steele.  So here we go.

Ranking. Team- Total Points (Average Points per Poll)

1. Ohio State- 189 (23.625)

2. Georgia- 185 (23.125)

3. USC- 183 (22.875)

4. Oklahoma- 180 (22.5)

5. Florida- 172 (21.5)

6. Missouri- 157 (19.625)

7. Clemson- 144 (18)

8. West Virginia- 138 (17.25)

9. Texas- 122 (15.25)

10. LSU- 119 (14.875)

11. Auburn- 107 (13.375)

12. Wisconsin- 91 (11.375)

13. Texas Tech- 89 (11.125)

14. Kansas- 86 (10.75)

15. Arizona State- 78 (9.75)

16. BYU- 75 (9.375)

17. Virginia Tech- 73 (9.125)

18. Illinois- 64 (8)

19. Penn State- 47 (5.875)

20. Tennessee- 47 (5.875)

21. Pittsburgh- 35 (4.375)

22. Oregon- 32 (4)

23. South Florida- 22 (2.75)

24. South Carolina- 21 (2.625)

25A. Wake Forest- 17 (2.125)

25B. Fresno State- 17 (2.125)

Close but no cigar: Utah (12), Virginia (12), Alabama (9), Boise State (8), Notre Dame (8), California (6), Colorado (6), Michigan State (5), Arkansas (4), Rutgers (4), Miami (3), Oklahoma State (3), Florida State (2), North Carolina (2)

A few interesting facts:
--Georgia was voted No. 1 five times and yet, thanks to three Bulldog haters, we have them sitting at number two.

-- Ohio State did not receive any No. 1 votes but, due to consistently being No. 2 or 3 throughout the polls, grabs the number one spot.

--Florida had two No. 1 votes but inconsistency throughout dropped them to No. 5.

-- The SEC has six teams, Big 12 has five, Big East has three, BigTen has four, Pac-10 has three, and the ACC has three.  The WAC and Mountain West also have one each.

-- I created the tiebreak before I realized PSU and Tennessee would be deadlocked, so there was no bias in that.  PSU's highest ranking was 10th, Tenn's was 14th.

OSU in another National Championship?? Not if USC has anything to say about it.

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