End Of An Era: Thank You Mickie James

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

It seems like only yesterday that a crazy Trish Stratus fan made herself known, interfering in matches and making sure Trish knew she had her back. The two teamed together in various tag matches, and the closer the crazy fan got to her idol, the more obsessed she became. She even began to utilize Trish's moves, and continued to insure Trish's success in the WWE. Her obsession turned into crazed love, and the downfall began with a sweet kiss under mistletoe. After confessing her love, Trish rebuked the fan's advances; turning her back on her. The fan seemed to honor Trish's wishes of spending time apart, until she viciously attacked her.

The obsessive love turned into a psychotic determination to humiliate and destroy Trish. At Wrestlemania 22, she defeated Trish and became the Women's Champion. In that match however, more than just a title change happened. The fans cheered the psycho heel, turned against the WWE's arguably most popular Diva. They cheered her psycho laugh, her vicious attacks and sexually charged gestures. The fans turned her into a star.

She carried that momentum and completed a face turn thanks to battling the likes of Lita, Victoria. She faced Lita in the legendary Diva's final match and did the same with Trish. She then began a long, nearly two year bitter feud with Melina, helping to turn her into a serious threat as a Diva and developing her as a force to be reckoned with in the WWE.

She feuded with rising stars Maryse and Alicia Fox, and helped develop them as strong characters and stars. A move to Smackdown brought her into a feud with Michelle McCool and Layla, a controversial one involving being constantly being put down because of physical appearance. This year, she got revenge and ultimately humiliating Team LayCool at a recent PPV.

In her career in the WWE, the fan held the Women's Championship five times and the Divas Championship once. She has battled in some of the greatest women's matches the company has ever seen, and to this day is the company's most popular Diva, a feat only defeated by the legendary Trish Stratus.

That fan is Mickie James.

This fan says Thank You, Mickie, for the years, the blood, the sweat, the tears, and the entertainment.

Thank You and you will be missed.