2010 NFL Draft: Rock Out with My Mock Out

Chris RodriguezCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

With many trades all but assured this year's NFL Draft should be more unpredictable than ever.  There should be many veterans on the move throughout and there should be many unexpected moves.  With that in mind here is what may just occur in tonight's first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.  

St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford

Bradford is the consensus No. 1 pick.  St. Louis traded Adam Carriker, which may give the appearance that they will be selecting Suh, but barring a trade with the Redskins for the No. 4 pick or the Browns for the No. 7 pick, Bradford will be a Ram. 

Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh

Another consensus pick, Suh will be a Detroit Lion by night's end.  Russell Okung will draw consideration, but with the acquisition of Rob Sims and Jeff Backus remaining at left tackle, Suh will be the selection.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Gerald McCoy

Tampa probably has the easiest choice to make out of any team in the draft.  No matter what occurs, the Bucs will be going with McCoy as they hope to solve their defensive line woes.

Washington Redskins: Trent Williams

As much as Okung may be the better talent, Williams fits the scheme at offensive tackle.  And when it comes to Mike Shanahan you always go with the scheme.  If they trade for Jamaal Brown then expect Eric Berry at this choice, ruining a large part of all mock drafts.

Kansas City Chiefs: Russell Okung (Alt. Berry)

Scott Pioli needs to keep Matt Cassell on his feet.  Without doing that, a selection of Eric Berry on the defensive side won't matter.  With the possibility of Berry going to the Skins at No. 4, Okung is the right choice.

Seattle Seahawks:  Derrick Morgan

Losing Patrick Kerney leaves Seattle with no proven pass rushers on their roster.  Chris Clemons and Lawrence Jackson would be lining up as Seattle's starting ends if the season began today and Morgan plays both the pass and run well enough to warrant this pick and start from day one.  This pick, however, should be in play as some teams might want to trade up for Berry, Williams, or Okung if they are available.  This would still allow Seattle to draft Morgan later in the draft or select Jason Paul-Pierre even later on.

Cleveland Browns: Eric Berry

Cleveland gets there wish and gets Berry to lead their secondary.  Yet this is probably the most unsafe pick for a mock drafter as there are three teams before the Browns that will have a shot at the Tennessee safety and other teams trying to trade up.  Cleveland would then have the option of trading down or reaching for Earl Thomas.

Oakland Raiders: Bruce Campbell (Alt. Iupati)

With the Raiders it's anyone's guess.  Campbell is the best physical specimen and addresses Oakland's biggest need.  If they draft Mike Iupati and convert him to tackle the Raiders brass would probably be even worse off. 

Buffalo Bills: Brian Bulaga

Buffalo Bills select Brian Bulaga.  The alliteration seems almost too perfect.  After losing Brad Butler to retirement and the rest of their offensive line to injury last year, the Bills need a starting tackle both on the right and left side.  Although some believe Bulaga won't be able to last on the left side of the line because of the length of his arms, he proved at Iowa that he works hard and plays harder no matter where he played on the line.  Either way Buffalo seals off one side of the line for years to come.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Rolando McClain (Alt. Thomas)

With most pundits guessing a pass rusher will be selected with the Jaguars' pick, they surprise everyone and go with McClain.  With Aaron Kampman and recent first-round pick Derrick Harvey lined up as starters, Jacksonville would have little time to play an end like Paul-Pierre or Derrick Morgan.  With McClain starting at middle linebacker, it would allow Jacksonville to move Justin Durant to outside linebacker and give the the Jaguars a more hard-nosed defense.  If McClain is gone or the Jags feel like they're done with Reggie Nelson, Earl Thomas could be the surprise pick.

Denver Broncos: Dez Bryant

They lose one diva and they possibly acquire another.  Bryant has the talent to be a steal at this pick and the Broncos can't go into the season with Jabar Gaffney as their leading receiver.  Unless they trade up from the second round to grab Arrelious Benn or Demaryius Thomas, Bryant should be a Bronco.

Miami Dolphins: Dan Williams (Trade Spot for Earl Thomas)

After watching Jennifer Lopez say she wanted Dan Williams to be the pick for Miami, I had to agree.  Williams would be the perfect replacement for Jason Ferguson at the nose tackle position for Miami and would learn behind Ferguson for the year.  J-Lo might not get her wish though, as Miami likely trades back and finds a way to select an outside linebacker like Sergio Kindle to replace Joey Porter and Jason Taylor.

San Francisco 49ers: Joe Haden (Trade Spot for Earl Thomas)

Joe Haden's stock has remained somewhat steady and he could be drafted anywhere from No. 7 to No. 17.  Yet, San Francisco will likely be his landing spot with Nate Clements moving over to safety.  I wouldn't, however, be surprised if the Niners traded back with this pick for a team looking to draft either Earl Thomas or Ryan Matthews.

Seattle Seahawks:  Charles Brown

The USC connection is too strong to keep Brown away from Pete Carroll's Seahawks.  After drafting Morgan with their first pick, Seattle addresses a dismal offensive line with a player who will be likely be a solid, but not spectacular, offensive tackle in the NFL.  If the Seahawks somehow land an offensive lineman early instead of a defensive end, Paul-Pierre could be the pick here.

New York Giants:  C.J Spiller

The Giants were hoping to land McClain at this pick, but the Jaguars grab the Alabama linebacker first.  New York may not be fulfilling a need, but they will be getting one of the most explosive playmakers in the draft and a mid-round steal based on Spiller's overall talent.  This pick would give New York the incentive to trade for Oakland middle linebacker Kirk Morrison later on in the draft.

Tennessee Titans: Kyle Wilson

Tennessee's pass defense was terrible last year and they need to address that quickly if they want to compete for a playoff spot next year.  Getting Albert Haynesworth back would solve some problems with the defensive line as long as he's motivated.  If not, then Jason-Paul Pierre becomes a Titan.

San Francisco 49ers: Anthony Davis (Trade Spot for Ryan Matthews)

With the Niners having two picks in the draft I could definitely see them trading back into the 20s and allowing someone like the Chargers to draft Ryan Matthews ahead of the Texans.  If not, they remove Adam Snyder from the offensive line and plug Davis in as their new starting right tackle.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Mike Iupati (Alt. Kareem Jackson)

As much as Pittsburgh needs a corner and as much as Kareem Jackson fits their scheme, there was no way Iupati could continue to fall down in the draft.  Even though he is a guard he could be the type of guard that could rival Alan Faneca once his career is over.

Atlanta Falcons: Sean Weatherspoon

After addressing the cornerback spot by acquiring Dunta Robinson, the Falcons have a major need at linebacker.  Weatherspoon can some in on day one and play next to Curtis Lofton, drastically improving the Falcons' pass and run defense.  They've been constantly linked to Weatherspoon and, barring a surprising selection by the New York Giants at No. 15, they'll get their man.

Houston Texans: Ryan Matthews

As much as the Texans need a corner, this pick has to be Ryan Matthews.  Steve Slaton is a good running back, but the coaches clearly lost faith in him.  Without the coaches' trust, Slaton will have to resort to a timeshare in the backfield and the Texans will get another weapon in the Fresno State product.  If the Chargers make a play for Matthews before the Texans, expect Kareem Jackson or Devin McCourty to quickly come off the board.

Cincinnati Bengals: Earl Thomas (more likely Taylor Mays)

With every draft "expert" thinking that Cincinnati drafts Jermaine Gresham, it seems too good to be possible.  Even though the Bengals desperately need a tight end not named Chase Coffman, they have an even bigger need at safety with the no-longer-talented Roy Williams starting.  Although Thomas will definitely be off the board earlier, there is no way to account for every trade possible.  Without a trade Thomas goes to the Bengals and Mays drops to the second round.

New England Patriots: Jerry Hughes

Jared Odrick seems like the most logical fit for New England, but they are the Patriots and they know talent when they see it.  Hughes would fit New England perfectly as a replacement for Derek Burgess, and if Patriots fans see Pierre Woods on the outside next year they might not be as optimistic about the future of their defense.

Green Bay Packers:  Sergio Kindle (Trade Spot for Clausen)

This pick seems to be based on need more than anything and Kindle, along with Clay Matthews, could form a devastating pass rush for Green Bay's quickly improving 3-4 defense.  A cornerback like Patrick Robinson would be a great fit here, but I would expect a team to look at Green Bay as an option to trade up with and acquire Jimmy Clausen. 

Philadelphia Eagles: Kareem Jackson

With the Eagles looking to trade up for a safety, this pick will likely be going to someone else.  However, they do need a corner after trading Sheldon Brown and there just happens to be two highly-ranked corners in Kareem Jackson and Devin McCourty.  Jackson is the better choice for the Eagles, but if Pittsburgh thinks William Gay isn't a starter, they might pull the trigger on Jackson.

Baltimore Ravens: Jared Odrick

For Baltimore's 3-4 there is no better fit than Odrick.  This pick would allow Baltimore to bench the aging Trevor Pryce and create an even better pass rush. 

Arizona Cardinals: Daryl Washington

Losing Karlos Dansby means the Cardinals would have Paris Lenon lining up as a starter if the season started today.  There really is very little to say after that.  Washington gives versatility to a linebacking core that clearly needs improvement.

Dallas Cowboys: Nate Allen

The Cowboys will be looking hard at Earl Thomas and, like the Eagles, may make a play for him.  Yet, they stay put and land another ball-hawk in Allen who may end up being the more complete player down the line. 

San Diego Chargers: Rodger Saffold

San Diego needs desperately to upgrade their offensive and defensive lines.  Without any defensive tackles truly worthy of the pick, they select Saffold to shore up their interior and replace guard Louis Vazquez.  Trading up for Ryan Matthews or down to a team looking to move past the Vikings for Clausen is even more likely to occur.

New York Jets: Maurkice Pouncey

Despite the pass-rushing ability of Brian Price and the Jets' affinity for speed, Pouncey could immediately replace Alan Faneca in the starting lineup.  With Faneca on the trade block the Jets could go for the cheaper option in Pouncey and make their young offensive line even younger and more potent.

Minnesota Vikings: Patrick Robinson

Minnesota's cornerbacks were terrible last year, and with a dominant defensive line, it makes their deficiencies even clearer.  With Robinson and possibly Devin McCourty on the Board and a team in the second round likely to trade up for Jimmy Clausen, Minnesota goes for a big t-me need at their pick.

Indianapolis Colts: Brandon Graham

The Colts' defensive end depth or lack thereof was exposed last year.  When Dwight Freeney went down with an injury so did there pass rush.  Graham, undersized for a normal defensive end, would fit well in Indy's lineup.  Ricky Sapp, a projected 3-4 OLB, could also make a surprise appearance at this pick.

New Orleans Saints: Ricky Sapp

With Drew Brees on the cover of Madden they might want to think about going quarterback.  Yet, the Saints also desperately need an outside linebacker to replace Scott Fujita.  As much as Eric Norwood would be the better choice, Sapp is the better talent and that usually wins out.  With many teams probably looking to trade up at the end of the first round, the Saints could be trading into the second and acquire a player like Norwood later on.


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