My Wrestling Reviews: The Rating System

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My Wrestling Reviews: The Rating System
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Hey guys. As many of you know, I write weekly reviews of WWE's Monday Night RAW!(BTW, thanks to everybody who read last weeks review for making it the most read review to date).

Starting on Saturday, I will be expanding my reviews to include WWE Friday Night Smackdown and TNA's iMPACT! I will publish the Smackdown review on Saturdays while the iMPACT! review will be published on either Sundays or Mondays as it does not air in Ireland until Saturday night.

I think it is time I publish my ratings system, as I have had a few enquiries recently and I have only ever posted it as a reply to a comment. So, here goes...


For matches, I break it into three different sections:

1 -  Lenght   (rated out of 2)

  • Under 3 mins = 0.5/2
  • 5min+ = 1.5/2
  • 10mins+ = 2/2

2- Crowd Reaction (rated out of 1)

  • Flat = 0
  • Average= O.5/1
  • Really into it = 1/1

3-  Finish (rated out of 2)

(a) Creativeness

  •  Lazy =  0.5/1
  • Good = 1/1

(b) Makes sense storyline-wise

  • No= .5/1
  • Yes= 1/1


1-General Mic Skill

  • Poor= 0.5/2
  • Average = 1/2
  • Good = 2/2

2- Crowd Reaction

  • Flat= 0
  • Minimal = 0.5/2
  • Average = 1/2
  • Good = 2/2

3- Delivery & Content

  • Poor= 0
  • Good=1

In both cases, I add the score from all three sections, giving me a total out of five. Please note that this system differs from the one I used to review WM26. I hope this isn't too confusing and I apologise if it is.

I will continue to review SD and iMPACT! on a weekly bases provided they are well received and providing that they are not excessively time consuming. Thanks for reading.


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