My Top 10 Most Overrated WWE Superstars Of All Time.

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

Overrated, a term used to describe someone or something, that gets more than he/it deserves.

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of people in pro wrestling that got far more than they deserved, thus we consider them overrated. Today I am ranking the top 10 most overrated of them. 

10- Greg Gagne

Nobody can possibly deny that he was a solid technical wrestler, but he lacked the charisma factor, just imagine a guy like Shelton Benjamin, or old Lance Storm beeing the man of a company.

His father runned the AWA and that was a major reason he was put over the likes of Hogan, Henning etc, guys who were bigger draws than him.

At the end, like Dean Malenko his wrestling skills were tarnished, because he was given a task he wasn't capable of carrying.

9)-Paul "The Big Show" Wight

In an interview when the Undertaker was asked to mention names of wrestler who failed to live up to their potential he metnioned the Big Show only.

Vince has learned that putting over lazy performers just because they are gigantic is no good.

The Big Show could have been bigger than Andre, but he never ever worked hardly.

8)-"Double J" Jeff Jarrett

Nobody can deny he was a solid wrestler, and a good heel, but he achieved everything through politics. 

He should have been in the mid-card, winning some I.C titles, but because his daddy owned a Memphis territory he got a major push, even being put over Jerry Lawler.

In WWE his friendship with Russo got him a non-stop push.

But, unfortunately the fans never bought him as a main-event competitor.

7)-Sean "X-Pac" Waltman

A solid wrestler, but an asshole to be honest. He got his push because he was in the kliq and because he was hanging out with HHH.

He should have never been in major stables such as D-X, because he was simply irrisposible and a backstage ass-hole.

6)- Triple H

He was a good heel and an ok wrestler, but he would have never rachieved greatness without politics, marying Stephanie and beeing in the Kliq.

Triple H could have some solid 4-star matches in his prime, but after the 90s, he was clearly out of shape, and still he was pushed.

he should have never being pushed that much.

5)-Sycho Sid

The man is a textbook on how stupidity can ruin a career.

The classic Sid story as told by Jim Ross is that when contracted by the WWE in the 90's, Sid called Ross with a sob story about how he was hurt and couldn't work some weekend house shows.

The following week, Ross got a newspaper clipping from a fan, showing "guess who" playing in a softball tournament the same weekend he called in with an injury.

Of course, the other classic Sid story took place in WCW where he took offense to Arn Anderson insulting him at a bar while on tour in England, so he went to his room, grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed Arn in his hotel room.

To make matters worse, Anderson was one of the most well respected and well liked guys on the roster, and Sid was set for a World Championship run.

Needless to say Sid was fired from WCW the next day.

Even though he couldn't wrestle for the sake of his life he was pushed, he isn't ranked higher because we have almost forgotten who he is.

4)- Hulk Hogan

Even though I am a huge fan of the Hylkster, he was indeed overrated.

He was a huge draw, and made wrestling famous, but he never ever put anyone over him.

He could have made dozens of careers if he put over him young talent, like Flair and Michaels did, but he didn't.

Thats because, even past his prime he belieaved he was above putting somebody over him.

3)- Kevin Nash

He had a good gimmick, he could cut a good promo, but he simply couldn't wrestler.

Nash refused putting young talent over him, because he belieaved they weren't at his level (even though we are talking about Y2J, Bret Hart etc)

Nash was a pittiful wrestler, and even though he was psuhed he always needed someone to carry him thrpugh the whole match.

2)- Lex Luger

Lex Luger on the other hand is a textbook case of how just not giving a crap about the business cannot only NOT ruin your career, but how your career can thrive and prosper from acting this way.

Despite not being a good worker and having very limited mic skills and charisma, Luger was pushed to the moon in both the WWF and WCW.

While working for Vince, the WWF pushed Luger so hard that they actually arranged for a bus tour where Luger would travel from city-to-city, meeting fans and building his reputation as an All-American face leading up to an encounter against then-WWF Champion Yokozuna at SummerSlam in 1993.

All the while he was secretly negotiating his return to WCW for a substantial raise in pay, while telling Vince he was staying in the WWF. 

In WCW, Luger spent a career wrestling lackluster matches, giving far less than 100 percent, and receiving the type of pushes and recognition that most wrestlers only dream of.

Throughout all of this, fans still cheered for Luger. WCW insisted on referring to a guy that could care less about being a professional wrestler and never committed himself to the business as "The Total Package."

If Lex Luger had committed himself as much to wrestling as he did to partying, steroids, and weightlifting, despite his in-ring limitations he might have been considered a legend in the sport.

Lex Luger is a cautionary tale for anybody looking to get into the business simply to make money, travel, party, and get laid.

Lex Luger could have been a legend in this sport. However, his lack of effort and respect for the industry have left him a physically broken down and forgotten has-been.

1)- Bill Goldberg

When you think of muscles but no brain, squash matches etc you can think of Goldberg.

Throughout the Histroy of Pro Wrestling nobody got such a push as Godlberg without paying his dues.

Even though he had no charisma and mic-skills he was pushed as an unstoppable monster.

However, once he was booked to start losing matches his gimmick was gone and he didn't have the charisma or wrestling skills to get over any other way.


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