Brett Favre: Is This How You Really Want To Be Remembered?

Anthony OrlandoCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

One of the greatest quarterbacks that this fan's generation has ever seen, retired in March of 2008. Some thought it was the final closing to a Hall of Fame career.

Some thought it was nothing more than a little vacation before the blood-pumping veins of Favre began to bleed football once again.

Of course, the latter turned out to be correct. I don't think anyone would have envisioned the story that is taking place now, however.

Was Favre pressured to retire? Would Green Bay really bring him back as just a backup? Would they be dumb enough to give him an outright release? Would he accept a trade? Will he go to training camp and force the Packers to make the first move?

All these questions bleed of, not football, but drama. And it is sad. Few quarterbacks have ever had the complete admiration of not just a city and fanbase, but a league, as Favre has. And he is in the process ruining it.

Now, some fans might think it is Favre's God-given right to comeback whenever he wants, and not just that, but automatically get his starting quarterback position back. Unfortunately, that is, and shouldn't be the case.

It is true, a team can be held hostage by a player as famous, great, and passionate as Favre. That is exactly what Green Bay is experiencing right now, and it's even wearing on some fans of the lifelong Packer great.

The best thing that can happen from here is that this PR nightmare, for both the Packers and Favre, end as soon as possible. This cannot drag out much further.

Sadly, it looks as though a happy ending will be hard to come by in this unfortunate saga. The Packers either look:

A) like idiots for releasing Favre,

B) inconsiderate for not releasing Favre,

C) insane for keeping him as a backup,

or D) bad for treating Aaron Rogers unfairly for being relegated back to second-string after saying the job was his.

Favre and his legacy will take a shot, too.

No matter what happens, this whole incident should be remembered as Brett Favre's ego getting in the way. Yes, hate to tell everyone, as nice and perfect as he might seem, a player as great as Favre doesn't have a Hall of Fame career and not develop an ego.

Favre is currently ripping into his soon-to-be ex-employer, and they are both basically saying the other side is lying.

Favre says they don't want him back, and the Packers say they do. Favre says they pressured him, the Packers say they wanted him back and would have waited for a decision for as long as it took.

Seriously, what the heck is going on here?

Who would have ever thought this is how it would end between Green Bay and Favre.

At this point, the only scenario where this works out, and both parties can come out looking fair, is for the Packers to bring Favre back, and then trade him to a team he agrees to (which would have to be outside the NFC North).

But even then, Packer fans, closure or not, would experience something I am sure they never thought they would see: the day when Brett Favre ended his career in anything other than a Green Bay Packer jersey.

That will be a day that is hard-to-swallow, yet, not too far off from happening.