With Raw Still in Europe, the Show Still Goes on

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

With many of the RAW superstars still stranded in Europe due to a volcano erupting, you wouldn't think there would be a show.

But as some of you might have seen, the show went on in New Jersey.

Friday Night Smackdown came to the aid of RAW and Smackdown Superstars were more than happy to oblige.

That goes to show that no matter what the WWE superstars stick together, no matter if they are a face or a heel.

Back to the show. For there being a few superstars and the ones from Smackdown, the show was still exciting.

A big matchup was scheduled at the opening of the program. Triple H came out and was addressing the audience.

SES came out and Punk was trying to get the Game to join SES. Of course, HHH didn't want anything to do with that or them.

Instead a six-man tag team match was conjured up. As this was happening, Luke Gallows thought it would be a good time to jump HHH.

It became a numbers game. Even the Goddess of Bald joined in. HHH did fight back, but it was too much. Clippers and chairs came out. Just before they could even touch a thread of hair on HHH's head, Rey Mysterio came out.

Between the two, they got Punk and snipped his hair. He almost looked like his posse, but even though HHH and Mysterio got at least a handful of hair, they wanted more.

I thought I saw Punk crying as the SES went into the back. This is what lead to the six-man tag team match.

Rey, HHH and Edge teamed up and faced the team of Gallows, Punk and Jericho. You knew this match was going to be very physical.

At first the match seesawed back and forth. Then it happened, Edge got tripped up and Jericho took full advantage of the Rated R Superstar's injured achilles tendon.

The team of twiddle dee and twiddle dumb, got their licks in as well. There was no need to fear, as Rey and friends were there, even if one was injured.

SES and Jericho were fit to be tied and they were embarrassed as well. At ER, time will tell if Rey will have to join SES if he loses to Punk or if Punk will have to shave his head if he loses to Rey.

Personally I can't see either one of them losing and having to either join a society that he doesn't believe in and the leader he has no respect for. Or the other shaving their head.

I think Punk may have a slight edge because his society will be out there including rookie Darren Young. You know something very drastic will have to happen in order for Rey to lose.

Young may interfere because he wants his pro's approval and is trying to earn his respect. Then again, Gallows is jealous of Young and he might do something to help Punk, but he may end up getting Punk disqualified. That right there may save Punk's behind and hair.

So WWE Universe, who do you think will win and why? Don't be bashful.