What Happened to the New York City Point Guard?

Matt JacobsCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

After reading one of the ESPN articles asking the same question as my headline, I'm going to answer your question, Scoop.

For Scoop's article, please visit http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=jackson/080715

So where has the NYC point guard gone?  Believe me Scoop...they're still in Rucker and North of 110th.  They're still getting nicknames, still honored like Gods, and they still can't play a lick.

If I'm a college coach or even an NBA GM, why would I ever be interested in the NYC point guard who can't shoot outside the lane, who plays no defense, can barely dribble without carrying the ball, who is more interested in how he played rather than if the team won, and who couldn't run an offense (much less a team) if his life depended on it?

We've seen the NYC point guard morph from guys like Bob Cousy into guys like Nate Archibald.  Through the years, it became less and less important to play the right way and "go get yours."

The Archibalds then changed into Kenny Andersons, Mark Jacksons, and Rod Stricklands.  Congrats on a bunch of guys who could barely make a layup, let alone a wide open 15 footer.  Is it coincidence none of them have a ring?

"Because unlike any other place on this planet, having a million people in New York know who you are and what you do is more rewarding than having a million people around the country watch you on TNT or collecting a check with a million dollars on it."

Maybe this is just your sorry opinion, Scoop, but if this really is the truth about how things are in NYC, then you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Scoring 68 points in a summer league game is more important than leading your team into the NBA playoffs?  No wonder basketball is in such a sorry state.  No wonder we finished third in the Olympics.  No wonder basketball is a former shell of itself from the days of MJ.

Here's your answer, Scoop.  Steve Nash, Chris Paul, and Deron Williams win games.  They can shoot, they play defense, they don't leave their feet when trying to pass, and they do the things you need to win a game.

Stephon Marbury and Sebatain Telfair never learned how to play the position.  Neither did James "Speedy" Williams, Robert "Master Rob" Hokett, God Shammgod, Khalid Reeves, Kareem "BKS" Reid, Ed "Booger" Smith, Molloy "The Future" Nesmith, Mike "Smooth" Campbell, Omar Cook, Larry Ayuso, Shaheen Holloway or Ed Cota. No one wants these "playground" legends because they don't help you WIN.

When you, and all those NYC point guards, figure out that playing the right way and winning games is more important than being a summer league Harlem legend, scoring 68 points against a bunch of stiffs who play no defense, having a nickname, being on "And 1" (which isn't even basketball), and filling up their stat lines, the NYC point guard is dead.  You think it's a bad thing.  I think it's the best thing that's happened to basketball in years. 

"There might never be another Rafer Alston. Ever." 

Only if we're lucky, Scoop!