#RedTeaParty – Against the Red Sox Overspending For Mediocre Teams

RedSox ManiacAnalyst IApril 21, 2010

BOSTON - APRIL 24: General Manager Theo Epstein and Manger Terry Francona of the Boston Red Sox watch the pre-game action before a game with the New York Yankees at Fenway Park, April 24, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

I am starting my own movement against the Boston Red Sox and Red Sox nation who continually defend this team even though:

1.They are the 2nd highest spending team in baseball behind the Yankees.

2. The Red Sox made an issue of money when it came to Manny Ramirez, Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, and even Alex Gonzalez, but still were able to give so many millions million to the 3nd coming of Julio Lugo (Scutaro), JD Drew, and John Lackey.

This team has tried to build its image away from the zany players of old, but those players, those Mannys, those Pedros, they were the reason we were winning. In 2004 and 2007, those Duquette players helped us win a championship, with the Lucchino players playing a huge part as well (Beckett and Lowell).

Theo Epstein has made bad move after bad move after bad move. The difference is that Dan Duqette left him a huge amount of talent to place role players around. Now that they are gone or falling off the chart (David Ortiz), the Red Sox think they can have this “formula” for producing great teams. Living off of Doug Mientkiewicz, Dave Roberst and bloody socks does not a good GM make.

What the hell is this goddamn formula? We cry about how the Yankees spend money, but our team is currently paying the MLB luxury tax. JD Drew & Mike Cameron make $23 million combined. We gave up Manny Ramirez for this? We gave up Jason Bay for this?

It was documented that in the post-steroids world there would be less influential hitters that teams will find. Why the hell did we decide to overlook three of them in the last two years ( Ramirez, Bay, Texeira). Why, because they were too expensive? Who the fuck do the Red Sox think they are, the Minnesota Twins? Then spend like the Twins and put a quality fucking team on the field.

We drop players and say they are too expensive, and we pick up players for a boatload of money who become complete busts! This is reminiscent of when Duquette waived bye to Clemens and Vaughn (which, in fairness to their careers post-Sox, none of us knew about their PED use), but used the money on Steve Avery, Jose Offerman, Brett Saberhagen-post-prime, David Cone-post-prime etc. He thought having one ace and building around him with cheap role players was the way to go. Wrong! Clearly wrong.

Hell, during that time, in their same division the Blue Jays had two dominant pitchers AND a dominant hitter (Clemens, Pat Hentgen, Jose Canseco) and they still couldn’t get to the promised land.

The Red Sox of current are doubly-worse. They are dropping superstars in favor of role players who make a ton of fucking money. Who would you rather have: Darren Lewis & Troy O’Leary, or JD Drew & Mike Cameron? The latter, yea, but would you pay an extra $18 million? Fuck no. You couldn’t say that to my face without blinking into a seizure for lying to yourself.

Dan Duquette learned from his mistake, as he had gone in the market in 2000 to get Mike Mussina ( but ended up with Manny Ramirez instead). But it was too late, and even before that free agent signing, the Yawkey Trust didn’t spend like the current owners did. So Duquette had to work on getting those bargain role players.

But don’t fool yourselves Red Sox fans. $8 million contracts are not bargains. Having the 2nd highest payroll doesn’t seem like you are developing a team around bargains. We told Manny to fuck off because we couldn’t pay him, we told Jason Bay to fuck off too. We essentially told Red Sox fans we got nothing for Ramirez, since the guy we traded for bounced. And now our hitting is atrocious, we have trouble playing against the Royals, and our payroll is the highest it has ever been.

Red Sox nation, if you are going to vote Scott Brown in on the pretense that he will stop government overspending, you have to do the same and vote Epstein out of the Nation. He is ruining this team, and it is only a matter of time before people realize they have bought $10,000 season-ticket packages to watch a team that may end up looking like the Mets.

I am currently the only member of the RedTeaParty. Join me and lets razz on Red Sox management to start making more good moves than bad moves. There is no excuse for a bloated payroll and expensive seats if Epstein is going to call this season a bridge period. Epstein, go fuck yourself. If we are going to have issues with government overspending, why is Red Sox Nation being hypocritical when it comes to the Fenway Cash Cow?

Let our voices be heard. #RedTeaParty, Unite!