A Rare Reason for Pittsburgh Penguins Fans to Cheer for the Philadelphia Flyers

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A Rare Reason for Pittsburgh Penguins Fans to Cheer for the Philadelphia Flyers
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I'm not going to lie.

Right now, I'm a Philadelphia Flyers fan.

And as I say such a thing, a certain few that read this may indeed regurgitate a little something that didn't have a chance to make it all the way down.

As a dedicated Pittsburgh Penguins fan through thick and thin, through all the pain and glory from the last two decades, I admit I have committed a regional sin.

But I must confess.

I want the Flyers to win right now. I want them to hand the New Jersey Devils an early exit from the playoffs this year.

With the Flyers up 3—1 on the Devils so far, it seems likely that I may get my wish, although my knuckles have blistered from knocking on wood.

I know some fans will state their reasons why the Penguins will handle the Devils just fine if they were to meet down the road in a playoff series.

Go ahead, do it, but I'm not waiting around to find out.

Truthfully, I think the Devils have Pittburgh's number. Quite frankly, New Jersey is the only team that is scary for the Penguins in the Eastern Conference.

Coincidentally, look at what the Flyers are doing to New Jersey right now. They took five of six during the regular season, and now three of four in the playoffs.

Yes, the playoffs are a completely different season, but in some instances, the pattern of defeat prevails.

I don't want to face a team that took all six regular season contests in the playoffs, a team that won each of the six games quite easily.

I know the belief that in order to be the best, you have to beat the best.

Well, that's why Washington is on my radar.

So for now, I cheer on the Pittsburgh Penguins, but a little tinker of joy creeps into me when I see Philadelphia handing the Devils another loss closer to elimination.

And once the upset is complete, my distaste for the Orange Crush resumes at its unprecedented high level.

Go ahead and bash me now, but think long and hard: Wouldn't it be nice to see the Devils out of the way?

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