The Perfect WWE Draft 2010 (Detailing What Needs to Happen)

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIApril 21, 2010

Normally I would write an article about how I think WWE will make the draft themselves, but to me that would be a pointless exercise because half the draft decisions they make have no real purpose and are totally unpredictable, ask Carlito and Chavo. 

The problem is that WWE has now changed into a different product, love it or hate it. The fact is that any mid-card superstar drafted to Raw will be wrestling the majority of their matches on Superstars. The reasons for this? Well I 'll give a few:

1) Raw is the flagship show of the company, and WWE are very aware of this. They really want all their big stars on that show because they want big ratings.

2) Guest hosts take up a considerable amount of time on the show these days, further reducing any chance of mid-card talent flourishing on Raw. This is totally wrong.

3) The roster is now huge. If you have been on and looked at the roster page you will see what I mean. WWE have so much talent to push and really only 4 hours a week to do it (counting commercials). They cannot fit everybody in, and therefore they cannot push them. Which is why guys like Chris Masters and Chavo have vanished. Not to mention that you get sporadic appearances from mid-carders, its almost like a rota, 'if you appear on Raw this week then you won't appear next week because we are giving someone else a 3 minute squash match to job in'.

These are harsh truths and there is only on way to fight them:

1) Move the majority of main-event talent to Raw: This may seem a bit of a rash idea but it needs to happen. Raw is the A show and it therefore needs nearly all main-event wrestlers. I am actually quite fond of starting a league based system in WWE instead of a draft. Imagine Raw is league 1, Smackdown! league 2 and Superstars league 3. Every year we could have a vote on who deserves to be 'promoted' to a higher league, and who needs to be 'relegated' to a lower one. This would of course involve giving WWE Superstars its own roster. As for NXT, well the guy who wins could go straight to league 1 or 2, and the guy that comes second into league 3. What do you think?

2) Release the dead-weight. I am worried about the size of the roster and there is only one way to alleviate the pressure. Hand out a few 'future endeavors'. Obvious candidates are Mike Knox, Masters, Kozlov, Ryder, Finlay, Jimmy Wang Yang, Kung Fu Naki (yes he is still employed), Slam Master J. There are even more candidates. What WWE needs to do is be harsh, look at the roster and find who they believe will not be a star no matter how they are pushed, for example perhaps Mark Henry.

3) Get rid of Guest Hosts, unless they are The Rock.

So with that in mind I am going to give you what in my mind would be the perfect draft:

To Raw

Chris Jericho


CM Punk (with SES)



Michelle McCool


Beth Phoenix

To Smackdown!

Jack Swagger

Evan Bourne



Cody Rhodes

Ted DiBiase

Kofi Kingston


William Regal

Yoshi Tatsu

Alicia Fox


Katie Lea

Kelly Kelly

What this does is reduce the number of wrestlers Raw needs to push, and establishes it as the A brand once and for all. This could start up a league system where you have main-eventers on Raw, and  upper mid-carders on Smackdown. As I said Superstars could be the lowest league of young talent coming thorugh. But in my mind this is what needs to happen in the draft. Its not what I want to happen because I know full well that I like to see superstars spread out over the shows, but in WWE's current format this is the way to go. Not to mention this whole league thing could make WWE a bit more reality based in a way. You could even add NXT as a league where all the young stars debut. That way you know that when they reach league 1 (Raw), that they've earned it.

Anyway what do you think of the draft, and would you like the idea of a league based system in WWE?