WEC Bantamweight Scott Jorgensen: I'm Winning This Time Around

Joe Schafer@joeschafer84Correspondent IApril 21, 2010

The WEC is venturing into a new frontier littered with possibilities, opportunities and a $44.95 price tag for MMA fans who want to witness a stacked card featuring two titles fights—Jose Aldo vs. Urijah Faber for the featherweight strap and Ben Henderson vs. Donald Cerrone for the lightweight belt.

The junior ZUFFA company will be looking to follow in the footsteps of their big brother promotion, UFC, by debuting on pay-per-view with a big splash this Saturday at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, Calif.

Not to be overlooked by the two-title gold rush, the rest of the main card is sporting a former champion and two bantamweight contenders vying for a chance to dance with the 145-pound king Dominic Cruz.

One of those contenders is Scott Jorgensen, who exclusively talked with Bleacher Report about his upcoming fight with fellow contender Antonio Banuelos, being on the WEC’s inaugural pay-per-view event, a title shot and game plan for Cruz, and much more.

-The WEC has kept you pretty busy over the last six months, fighting roughly every two months. Do you prefer fighting that often or do you like having a lot time off between fights?

Me, personally, I’d like to fight every month, if I could. It’s just from my wrestling background, competing every weekend. It’s something I enjoy and frankly I’m a lot happier when I’m competing.

-You’re fighting Antonio Banuelos this Saturday at WEC 48. Was this a rematch you really wanted, did you ask for this fight?

It’s definitely a rematch I’ve always wanted, this and Damacio Page, they’re both rematches I’ve always wanted. But, I’ve never asked for an opponent all my life. I just let the WEC do their job, which is to put on the most exciting fights and the ones that make the most sense. I just go out there and fight. That’s how we do it.

-How was your training camp going in preparation for this fight?
For this fight, the camp has gone great. They let me know I was fighting Banuelos like 3-4 days after I beat Chad George. I took like 3-4 days off and went right back into training. The fight with Chad George was kind of a break between camps. We’re just moving forward with the things we worked on for Chad because I never really train for a specific opponent. I train to fight my best fight and game plan.

-What is your game plan for Banuelos, will you be doing anything different? Have you trained any differently this time around?
I’m gonna win the fight, that’s what I’m gonna do. You know, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, in a fight anything can happen. I go out there to fight my fight and stick to what I do best. That’s always my plan, to just go out there, do what I do and not necessarily worry about what my opponent is going to do.

I don’t worry about specific game plans, if I do what I’m good at—taking guys down and ground and pound, keeping it on my feet, mixing it up, pushing the pace—guys just can’t catch up when I’m doing that stuff. That’s the plan.

-As everyone knows, this Saturday will mark the WEC’s first PPV event.  What does it mean to you to be part of this show?
I think it will sink in more after the fight. Right now, I’ve been so wrapped up in my upcoming fight, I haven’t given it much thought. The fact that it’s on PPV is awesome, but I haven’t been giving it much thought. I’m more worried about my fight, getting to my fight and taking care of business.

From a fan's perspective, this is a massive thing and it’s huge for the WEC. The UFC obviously feels the same way, bringing in Joe Rogan, Buffer, Mike Goldberg and with the prelims being on Spike.

Not only that, but the fights on this card are unreal. I mean, I’m excited to just be there to watch, be involved with everything, it’s gonna be fun. People that miss it, are going to be missing out on a lot.

-Do you think Bruce will be pulling off the Buffer 360 when he’s announcing your name?
I think he should. Maybe instead of the 360, he should do the 540.

-With the event being on PPV, does it add any pressure on you to perform or will you be going in there like it’s any other night?

You know, fighting is my job, fighting is what I love. It’s just a bonus, all the flash and lights, being on PPV, title fights. But, when you strip it down to its simplest form, you have two guys in a cage trying to dominate each other any way they can. That’s what I love about it. Everything aside, it’s just going in and doing my thing.

-Where does a win over Banuelos put you in the bantamweight mix? You’re both on a three-fight win streak; do you see a title fight in your future with a win over him?

I don’t know when, I’ll let the WEC decide that, but I think it’s going to be really hard to deny me. It’s hard trying to deny me what I’ve accomplished in the division, who I’ve beat, and how I’ve won. If that goes to show for anything, then I think I’m right up there.

-Hypothetically, how would you approach fighting somebody like Dominic Cruz, if you were to fight him after Banuelos?
The exact same way he fights other people, I’d mirror him. He’s got a smart thing going with the way he moves but I see things I can exploit pretty easily.

-Is it harder to take down guys that fight with that elusive style?
You know, I think it is but at the same time they leave themselves open for a lot of different takedown opportunities that people don’t see unless they’ve wrestled for years and years and years. It’s good and bad, but I know I have the tools to beat him.

-Do you think having the WEC on PPV is a sign that more people are noticing the smaller weight divisions and the exciting fights you guys constantly put on?
Oh definitely, but it’s like when a new boss comes in and changes things up, you’ve got to pay now. On the other hand, you have to look at the plus side. You don’t ever see cards like this that often or at all. It’s going to be an exciting night of fights and if I wasn’t a fighter, I’d be buying this PPV.

-The WEC is definitely trying to make a good first impression with having two title fights on the line. What are your predictions for those fights?
I gotta go with my boy Faber. He’ll find a way to beat Aldo, I got faith in him. As far as the Cerrone/Henderson fight, who knows, anything can happen. The first fight, there were times when each guy was controlling the fight. I mean, we might be looking at another fight of the year for them or me and Banuelos.

-Do you think the WEC is shifting its focus towards being strictly on PPV? If so, what are your opinions on the advantages and disadvantages?

I really don’t know what they plan on doing, I’m just a fighter. I think it would be a good thing for us to do more PPVs. As a fighter, I put my heart and soul into this, so I think it offers us more opportunities to make more money. Whatever happens, I’ll just keep fighting.

-Thanks for talking with us. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule. Do you have any lasting words or shout-outs you’d like to make?
Thanks to my son, Braeten, for putting up with me. I know it gets chaotic at times. Thanks to Hitman Fight Gear and TapouT for taking care of me. Thanks to all the fans, I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys.