2010 Cleveland Browns Mock Draft

gary wertmanCorrespondent IApril 20, 2010

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I have read way too many mock drafts lately from people who seem to know very little about what the needs of the Cleveland Browns really are.  Most want to draft either a quarterback, wide receiver or running back in the first round. Trade up for Bradford or take Clausen at number seven seems to be popular. CJ Spiller or Dez Bryant in the first are also top choices.  Any of the aforementioned players would be what most fans like, the “sexy” pick.  Sexy yes, smart no.

Cleveland has needs in many areas and quarterback is one, I agree, but Jake Delhomme is the quarterback for 2010. Bradford, Clausen or any other rookie QB would not play much if at all this coming season. I’d rather take one late in the draft this year while filling more pressing needs in the earlier rounds.

Cleveland has ten picks in the upcoming draft. I would not draft ten players. I would rather have quality than quantity. Ten rookies probably won’t make the team. You have to factor in that they will probably sign a couple rookie free agents also. I would enter the draft looking to select seven players. One first, one second, four in the third and one in the fifth.  I would try to trade two of my picks in the 5th along with my 6th rounder to get another pick in the third. So if I haven’t bored you to sleep by now, here’s my Cleveland Browns 2010 mock draft.

Round 1. Eric Berry, S, Tennessee.  The biggest need on the Browns is play makers and Berry has super star written all over him. If Berry is gone, I’d take Earl Thomas, S, Texas. Either player would fill a huge void on the Browns defense.

Round 2. Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers. In today’s NFL, if you can’t defend against the pass, you are what Cleveland has been the last few years. McCourty would play the nickle for the Browns. My second choice would be Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest.

Round 3. Chad Jones, S, LSU. By drafting two safeties in the first three picks, I think that says what I thought of last years safeties.

Round 3. Zane Beadles, OT, Utah. Beadles could play either right guard or right tackle and would fill one of the more pressing needs for the Browns.

Round 3. Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas St. The Browns need some youth on the defensive line, especially at defensive end.

Round 3. Taylor Price, WR, Ohio.  Price, who was timed at 4.42 at the combine, would bring some speed to the Browns offense along with good hands.

Round 5. Mike Kafka, QB. Northwestern. Kafka has nice size and intelligence. He would be a nice fit for the west coast offense.   Someone for Mike Holmgren to work his magic on.

Well there it is. I factored in the fact that Cleveland has added a couple of linebackers and a running back this off season as well as a tight end so I didn’t address those positions.

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