WEC 48: Aldo, Faber, Henderson, and Cerrone Look to Steal MMA's Glory

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IApril 20, 2010

So fight fan, is your mouth parched and tired from ranting to no end about the current state of most things MMA?  Have you offered your opinion time and time again lately with no real high points to brag?

The UFC suffered yet another Anderson Silva setback that sadly cast a black cloud over the most amazing upset in MMA history.  Strikeforce's most recent card has been overshadowed by a controversial post-fight scrap that took place on national TV. 

The grumblings of the majority of fight fans have echoed and been recycled to display the discontent that many might be feeling over some of the current affairs of the sport.

Thank God for Frankie Edgar, Thomas vs. Mayorga, and Bellator or there really wouldn't be many positive topics worth talking about otherwise.  Point being, from an aspect of not just enjoying the sport, but criticizing it, fans and critics alike have had a lot to talk about lately.

Not much of which is positive press.

The air is stagnant, and regardless of which side of the equation you find yourself on, everyone can feel the pressure mounting for MMA to come back stronger and, to be quite blunt, a bit more entertaining.

That breath of fresh air that many are holding their breath for is barrelling down on MMA like a category five hurricane.  This hurricane is not set for the Gulf of Mexico mind you, it is a rare Pacific hurricane set to make land in Sacramento, California.

If I were in charge they would call this puppy hurricane "Aldo," but to be fair let's just call it hurricane "dynamite comes in small packages."  WEC 48 fight fans is that wind of change you have been craving.  It will remind us all what it is we are doing supporting and following this sport.

For the first time ever the WEC will offer their premium brand of MMA live on Pay Per View.  While many have their concerns or even doubts as to how that will go, at this point, based on their previous reputation, the WEC is one of the few sure things in the sport.

Let's face it fight fans, at times the UFC can seem watered down with as often as they strive to bring their brand to fans.  Strikeforce seems to have the right idea, but why wasn't their most recent nationally televised card based on one of the most amazing fighters in the game, Fedor Emelianenko

Why is the man who Fedor just beat set to compete for a title while Emelianenko is shelved?

Call it what you want, but the WEC has seemingly been immune to not only the bug of missteps that at times plague organizations, but the unforeseen speed bumps that promotions seem to endure.

Now in a time that sees MMA under heavy scrutiny from various angles and for circumstances that may or may not be within the control of those leading it, the WEC is poised to steal all the thunder, and strike with a white hot bolt of lighting with their upcoming show.

The main and co-main event aside, this card is loaded with explosive talent top to bottom, and structured in such a fashion so as to offer something for everyone.  For those skeptical of paying for that which they have always had for free, there are the under card fights free on Spike TV.

For those who really know and respect the organization and what it has accomplished, they won't hesitate to pay for honestly what could be the fight card of the year.  Casual fans may not understand, but if you call yourself a hardcore, you know damn well you will find a way to watch this one.

With names riddling the card such as Garcia, Jorgensen, Karalexis, Roller, Gamburyan, and Brown, how could this fight card not impress?  All those cats have proven their worth and ability to entertain.  They all will file into the Arco Arena with intentions of doing it one more time for fight fans.  

With that said, it truly is the main and co-main events that resonate on the mind of the salivating fight fan.  How could this one ever go wrong?  How could this one ever disappoint?  In a sport about as unpredictable as Heath Herring's hairdo, this card is as close to a sure thing as a fight fan will find.

First the WEC offers a title match that will showcase two fighters who gave fans their fight of the year in 2009.  WEC LW Champ Ben "Smooth" Henderson will make his first title defense against a man he knows very well, Donald "The Cowboy" Cerrone.

If their first fight is any indicator of what is in store this Saturday night, they could charge PPV rates for this one alone.  Both men bring top-shelf and unique skill sets into the cage with them, and we will get to see them attempt yet again to break one another, hopefully for five rounds.

Both competitors have earned each other's and the fan's respect, but come fight night their competitive natures will once again take center stage as they both engage in the fight of their young careers. 

Finally in the main event, Sacramento hometown hero "The California Kid" Urijah Faber will take one step closer to regaining a title that belonged to him for so long.  For a man like Faber, surely he feels it is a long time coming, and his time is upon him to once again attain the title of WEC champion.

The thing about that is, a lot has changed since Faber was the dominant champ the fight world remembers him for being.  Lately he has been a man on a mission, but while that has happened, a new champion has taken the throne. 

The man known as Jose Aldo has taken the division by storm and made his presence known with a vicious fight game.

Last year's fighter of the year, Aldo is a new breed, a relentless warrior who has no intentions of facilitating Urijah's return to power.  Aldo is quite reminiscent of the Faber fans recall from not that long ago.  Aldo is high-paced, high-octane, and lethal in his attack.

When these two warriors get to mixing it up in Sacramento, don't be surprised to see a mushroom cloud erupt as their weapons of mass destruction leave a war zone of devastation in the cage.  When the smoke clears no one can be surprised as to who has their hand raised.

One thing is certain: The time between the first bell and when one of them does take that belt around their waist will be some of the most compelling MMA this sport has seen in a long time.  It is in the air, you can cut it with a knife.  

So rest easy fight fans, it's not always what you want it to be, it's rarely how you think it will go, and sometimes it flat out lets you down.  But you love it regardless, and this weekend, MMA is going to get you back for some of the perceived letdowns you may have endured while you supported it. 

Do yourself a favor—don't miss these fights.  They are worth more than most of the events you pay for with your eyes closed.  The value in the dollars you will spend is priceless.