2010 NFL Draft: Why QB Armanti Edwards Is an Underrated Pro Prospect

h lewisContributor IApril 20, 2010

CHATTANOOGA, TN - DECEMBER 17:  Armanti Edwards attends The 23rd Annual Football Championship Subdivision Awards Presentation on December 17, 2009 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  (Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)
Moses Robinson/Getty Images

I read a lot of stuff about how Armanti Edwards is a sleeper and a good sixth round pick.

I tell you he's a top quarterback and I think he'll be gone by the early fourth round.

Armature draft pundits think he's too small and that he get a lot of passes blocked at the line or that he's just a runner.

He's a good runner and a tough runner, but he can put a 50-yard strike on a receiver on the dead run off his back foot. He routinely nails 15 to 20-yard outs—where the ball travels 40 to 45 yards.

But, not everybody agrees. Pro football weekly ranks Armanti Edwards as the 72nd best prosepect and he is rated as the fifth best QB in the draft.


I don't think the people who really know think Edwards is too short at 5'11'' or that his throwing motion is anything but super.

Completeing 65 percent of his passes over four years and throwing for over 10,000 yards while rushing for an average of over 1,000 yards a year is not the stuff of chumps, but I think intangibles count more than metrics for a lot of coaches.

I also don't think that winning two championships and going deep into the FCS playoffs the other two years counts (again with those who know something) as playing against sub-par competition—he has maybe 24 total wins against top 20 FCS teams and one top five FBS team. Top 10 FCS teams can beat about ½ of the FBS teams.

Edwards is smart (he graduated in 3.5 years), is well liked by teammates and coaches, has never been anything but an outstanding representative of the school and has a 42-7 record as a starter.

His seven losses: LSU (defending national champ), Richmond (eventual FCS champ), McNeese St (a top 10 FCS team), Montana FCS (FCS runner-up), Ga Southern (lost in the FCS playoffs)...you get the idea. App State played no bad games with Edwards in the game in four years.

In my opion, some team is going to take a chance on him as a quarterback and get very well rewarded.