Why Monday Night SmackDown! Was Better Than Raw

Matt GuyettContributor IApril 20, 2010

Monday 17th April 2010 news on wwe.com, Due to the volcanic ash that has hit in europe WWE Raw stars are stuck in Belfast and cannot make their ways back to the U.S. Therefore superstars from the blue-brand SmackDown will be taking over Monday Night Raw! for one night only. My thoughts are now what a nightmare this could turn out to be. And how i was wrong. 

Raw starts off with the game Triple H straight away making his way to the ring and we are all thinking 'Oh No just another promo between the Game and Celtic warrior'. WWE's choice to start the show off with Triple H was very clever in many ways. 2 being Triple H is known as the firepower in the WWE and also it makes us think that he will be really involved tonight. He starts off with the news and makes us laugh with Sheamus dig's. Then Punk and the s.e.s come out and this excites us because the two are so popular. Punk as a heel is unblievable and HHH is HHH there's nothing i need to say. 


Ok, TNA have the idea now after the Volcanic news to really captillize on this and go for ratings. RVD new world champ but i know it was historic but i am not involving it in my article because i am praising SmackDown. 

MacGruber Ok has a bit of a younger-funny approach to raw and does this towards Kozlov. (Did it make you laugh how the WWE got Kozlov to say i have been poorly treated when that is probably the truth?) and yes R-Truth came out doing his rap that has so many yawning and had a segment where he is exploded that was the most negative thing of the night it really ruined a funny and at the same time patriotic fued between the two. 

But no tonight i feel SmackDown superstars really shone when they were placed in the spotlight i mean yes the Macgruber, HHH and Kane act was babyish but i will be honest when i say i did have a laugh when Kane made a joke about Mcgruber. 

There were not alot of Matches but this didn't matter SmackDown truly went to town on Raw. I really it and i have no doubts when i say i wish SmackDown was the live show in WWE. It is so much more entertaining no matter how much star power there is on Raw. 

Which brings me to my next point. I think if Raw superstars come back to the U.S in time which they probably won't they should do a Raw show instead of SmackDown or have some Raw and some SmackDown superstars. 

Also anyone know if the Undertaker is back permanently?