Dunga, Wake Up: Call the Boys From the Vila...The World Demands It

Sammy BalContributor IIApril 20, 2010

Paulo Hernrique Ganso and Neymar, if you haven't heard of them before, remember their names. These two represent the present and future of Brazil and world football.

In the beginning of this season they were seen as promises. Nobody could say for sure if these rough diamonds would develop into new Kakas or Ronaldos (real one).

They could have just fallen into mediocrity like Jo, Anderson and so many others or even went on to become good but no cigar players like Pato.

Truth is that these two along with Andre, Madson, Robinho and the gang have turned Santos into the single most entertaining team to watch on the planet.

The kind of team Arsene Wenger would probably call a PlayStation team.

Speed, agility and most of all skill interwoven into a complex symphony of football art the likes of which has been compared, rightly so, to the great Brazilian squad of 1982. The birth of beautiful football reincarnated.

Santos, Ganso and Neymar have proved that beautiful football can be victorious. They've brushed aside the likes of Sao Paulo 3-0 in their last match for the Paulista Championship.

Yet......Dunga remains silent. Though he has not said no, the Seleçao top dog has not tested the two megastars nor given any indication that he'd be calling them to South Africa, with less than a month to the official squad being named.

Dunga has stated that there will be no major surprises in the May 11 naming of the squad but as Paulo V Coelho of ESPN Brasil put it, "The surprise is a Brazil side without the two kids from the Vila."

We respect your work over the past three years Mr.Dunga. We respect the fact that you've won every international tournament for Brazil over that period.

However Adriano is having his usual off field problems, Kaka is all we have in the midfield and he's not even playing right now, Fabiano is coming back from injury.

Neymar and Ganso are raising the hairs on people's arms while all this goes on.

As one fan put it on a Rio radio call in recently, "To not take these two to the World Cup is a disrespect to Brazilian football."

As another put it, "The World Cup is the stage for world football to shine, not taking these two is locking away two of the world's brightest stars in a vault in Brazil, denying the world their shine."

Come on Dunga. Brazil won it all in the last three years but struggling with what they had.

It's time to shine again.