Prospects For Pitchers?

Bullpen BrianCorrespondent IApril 20, 2010

So much for changing the lineup against left-handers. Cubs have been shut down by southpaws in back-to-back games…three total runs…two losses.

Doesn’t get any easier this week. Up next…Oliver Perez & Johan Santana.

If tonight was any indication, Lou better figure something out quickly against the southpaws.


To borrow a line from Harry Doyle in Major League the movie…

“That’s all we got, one goddamn run?”

1-for-10 with RISP…12 men left on base…two double plays.

Aramis is batting .157…Theriot .222. Obviously, that’s not gonna cut it.

Love, however, Byrd’s production in the leadoff spot…3-for-4…and another two-out RBI. Nine of his 10 RBI have come with two-outs…and seven of his 14 hits have gone for extra bases! Maybe Lou leaves him there?

Soriano has been swinging the bat pretty well, too. He’s had four multi-hit outings in his last six games…and leads the team with five multi-hit affairs.

But the rest of the lineup is a no-show….like no big-hits.


Who wouldn’t you trade to get another bullpen arm?

Starlin Castro is a given, of course…but what about Andrew Cashner…Josh Vitters…Brett Jackson…or Chris Carpenter?

Yeah, I understand they’re all top-prospects…but how much longer can the Cubs hang in the race running Jeff Samardzija to the mound?

No question the Cubs have the starting pitching to run with St. Louis. Heck, they’ve had eight QS in 13 outings!

But for heaven’s sake, the bullpen is so terrible the Pirates are ahead of Chicago in the Central…and it could stay that way unless Hendry find some more reliable relief arms.

And please don’t give me the “it’s early” speech because these bad losses count just as much as the ones in September.

Three rookies in the pen’ was a concern before the season started…and three weeks in…the horrors are coming to fruition.