WWE Goes from PG Rating to TV-14

John BetschelCorrespondent IIApril 20, 2010

To my surprise, most of the superstars were not on WWE Raw tonight; they were stuck in Europe due to the volcano.

I was shocked! Last time I checked, I saw Chris Jericho’s twitter page saying that he was taking a 16-hour trip followed by a 10-hour trip to get back to the States.

I figured the rest of the WWE superstars were with him. Au contraire.

The Game was there, though, and that's all that mattered to me. I could have actually watched him have a two-hour ironman match with one of the camera guys and not have been disappointed.

Hell, I could have watched him wrestle a broom stick for two hours and still been satisfied; that's how big a fan of his I am.

But then the Smackdown wrestlers came to the rescue, and surprisingly it was one of the better Raw events I have seen. No retarded gimmick matches with the divas, just plain old entertaining wrestling.

Plus we got to see The Undertaker whoop Jack Swagger's ass. I was shocked when he came out as I figured he would be taking a three-month break or so like he did after last year's Wrestlemania.

But the most shocking thing was the guest host "MacGruber." I was thinking to myself, "They finally did it, they turned Monday Night Raw into Saturday Night Live for real."

After seeing the preview, and seeing all the wrestlers that were in the movie, it made more sense to me though.

Vladimir Kozlov called out MacGruber and they went face to face. And then it happened, The WWE PG language book went right out the window.

MacGruber told Kozlov, "The most dark, cobweb-infested, depressive place on earth isn't New Jersey, it's your mom's uterus."

You heard a loud "Ohhhhhhhhhhh," from the crowd followed by chants of "You can't say that."

I couldn't believe it. They censored Austin when he would say "ass," but when MacGruber says something like that it's perfectly fine.

I would have paid to be there to see the look on the little kids' moms' faces when they asked what a "uterus" is.

In a recent interview AJ Styles expressed how he wished TNA would go "kid-friendly," that TNA needs to slow down on all the blood, and that kids are the mainstream audience.

He also had a lot of other interesting things to say about how TNA should go "PG" so to speak, but that’s for another article.

The main thing, though, is this: Do you think WWE is starting to maybe try and shed the whole PG image and lean more toward PG-13 or even TV-14?

Or do you think "MacGruber" just sort of slipped up?