Tony Stewart Creating NASCAR's Next Super Team

Brian FisherContributor IJuly 15, 2008

The next great super team is forming right in front of our eyes. Like a phoenix rising from the infield, Haas-CNC racing has been saved. Saved from disappearing like the soap in a prison shower. Saved from just being a footnote in the history of NASCAR.

As we all know, Tony "Smoke" Stewart has purchased 50% interestin Haas-CNC to form Stewart-Haas racing. One of the best drivers of the last 10 years is now really in the driver's seat. The seat that will lead to a third championship for himself and many for whoever drives for him.

Smoke doesn't lose easily. Coming back to Chevy and the resources they offer will make Stewart-Haas a competitor.

With Ryan "The Rocket" Newman joining to drive one of the two cars (either #66 or #70), you have a strong lineup. The $64,000 question right now is, when will Newman make it official?

Let's review some career stats:

Smoke: 32 Wins, 125 Top-Fives, 200 Top 10's, two Cup Championships. The Rocket: 13 wins, 63 Top-Fives, 105 Top 10's, the skill to win a Cup.

I would say those are fairly impressive numbers.

With Stewart at the helm of the operations, there will be no excuse to fail. The equipment will be there. The proper people will be in place. And the sponsorship will fall into place.

Office Depot has already committed, as had Old Spice. But more will be needed. Especially if Smoke wants to become the third super team, along with Hendricks and Roush Fenway.

This isn't out of the question. Smoke could also have a third or fourth car by 2010. And who would be viable candidates for these cars? If I had to guess, I would say Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, or maybe even J.J. Yeley.

The future for might be filled with a lot of Smoke, but it will be clear the whole way.