Denver Broncos Handle Trades With Class. Not Always a Good Thing.

Benjamin RichardsonContributor IApril 19, 2010

DENVER - NOVEMBER 26:  Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos looks on from the sidelines as he leads his team against the New York Giants during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on November 26, 2009 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
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The Denver Broncos have now succefully traded two probowlers, and a very good running back. As well as a very good TE. The one thing that really sticks with me during the entire process is the way Denver has decided to send most of these players to the franchises they actually wanted.

1st Cutler. No one has to explain the little boy inside of Jay Cutler getting excited when he was traded to Chicago last year. He was heading to Chicago. To play for the team he had watched so many years in his childhood. The Denver Broncos had numerous options to go with for their probowl QB. Im sure Chicago offered the best package for him, however Denver in the end has shown more than once they care about the players they have as people. Not just a piece of property. They traded Cutler to the Chicago Bears for alot of compensation. Other teams were willing to offer alot as well. Cutler in the end got everything he wanted. Everything.

2nd Brandon MArshall. BMarsh use to love heading home to Orlando after the season. How do I know? Simple his brother Frank is a regular around the Denver area. He is a good guy for the most part, (hands on type of guy if you know what I mean.) Other than that they are alike. Even last year when they went on vacation to Florida Fred advised he would stay in Denver even if BMarsh left. During the incident where BMarsh cust his forearm trying to punch Fred and Fred moving out of the way giving BMarsh a little plasma for the ride home. That was in Florida. (oops I let that out.) My point is BMarsh is always in Florida. So when he had the chance to go to any team he wanted. Jacksonville and of course  Miami were ideal. Did Denver trade him there because Denver has class? who knows. However Denver did trade him. To a Florida team. He got exactly what he wanted. Everything.

3rd Tony Sheffler. Mr.Detroit native grew up loving the Lions. He is in amazment he gets to play for his home team. Like Daniel Grahm and the Denver Broncos. Tony had the oppurunity to play for Detroit who passed on him in the draft. After a small stay in Denver he ended up at home anyway. to the team he wanted. only difference in this one is he did not get EVERYTHING he wanted. he was not offered a new contract. I'm sure he will get an extension next season as Tony is very good. However I dont play in what if's. Cutler taught me to be that way.

Hillis was not sent to any team he cared about growing up. Hillis has class though and I'm sure Browns fan's are gonna love the kid. We did.

My point is the Denver Broncos have repeatedly sent the trades they have gone through to the places those said trades most want to be. This is either Classy or Supid.  It may encourage other players like DOOM to seek the same type of trades down the road. I am actually a fan of McD (was more before the Marshall trade.) I think the guy has alot of potential. alot. I dont see however a reason to accomidate an athlete unless by luck it really was just those teams offered the best package for each. In that case, Denver at least was able to get the RFA's and trades to sign easier due to their location or destination of trade.

Denver now has a very new team by feel. It feels as if the Broncos are no longer the Broncos we loved. However I feel the Class of the organization is going up. Hopefully the play keeps up and we can replace the talent we lost. this year I think Denver does better by defense alone. If they dont draft well we may see a huge dip in offense performance. I think its clear Denver does go for talent not yet thought of as a Broncos. Dez Bryant would be a surprise to me. Rolando Mclain would not. Golden tate and Dan williams as well. that wont happen. However that would be a good starting point.

With the character and class of the athletes Denver is accumilating we should see at least a more consistant Denver team. If thats good or bad remains to be seen. So fer though I know 2 things.

1) it will be with class.

2) it will not be what we expect.

Thanks for the read. Draft in 3 days!!!!!

sorry for any errors. written on my phone. Thanks.