NFL DRAFT -Do You Really Want to Underestimate "Mount Cody"?

jrwhiterabbitContributor IApril 19, 2010

Underestimation of Cody may land your offense at some point trying to find a way to move a mountain.

On Friday Fox sports came out with their guy’s idea of who to avoid in the up and coming NFL draft. Coming in at the number 3 spot was Terrence Cody aka the one and only Mount Cody. The picture they display of Cody on the front of that article is one that was taken against VA Tech. That was the first game of last season. I saw Cody and Rolando other night and talk to them and I must say that Cody has been working on his weight. He actually looked really good.
The Columnist on Fox wrote...
3. Terrence Cody, Alabama DT

One high-powered NFL decision maker told me he is very concerned about Cody's "flabby physique." The picture of a beefy Cody with his shirt off is enough to scare you away.

I happen to like Cody a lot as a player, but when you are out of shape, it leads to injuries. And you can't help the club sitting in the tub.

What is that? I like Cody as a player but then you draw parallel to him taking a bath.  First and foremost before anyone goes and acts as an authority on any topic a certain amount of research and data would be helpful.
Is Cody a big guy who appears to be out of shape? Yes. I won't negate that fact. But all of his life he has been looked over for that fact. It was simply luck we were blessed with to have had him at Bama at all. What we knew about Cody was very little. He was a transfer from a Mississippi Jr College. I did not even realize until recently Mount Cody got his name from an incident in high school. Cody had to climb a Mountain in West Virginia as a part of the training camp his high school coach required.
"During Cody's senior season at Riverdale High School in Fort Myers, Fla., Cody  was required to complete a 2½-mile run up a mountain on property owned by his high school coach's family. The endurance test was part of his team's preseason camp, which took place more than 1,100 miles from home.
"When he got up the mountain, the kids went crazy because they didn't think he could make it," said Scott Jones, who coached Cody in high school. "...

As heartwarming as this is it shows that underestimation to his power plagued him even at an early age. He proved himself over and over again. Cody just showed up and truly wanted and begged to play. The coaches all marveled over him and said that he defied all odds and to watch him do his thing was a thing unparalleled to anything they have seen. What that means... on paper he does not work. But he is one of those extreme cases where paper does not do him justice to the depth he offers.

If I was a NFL draft guru Cody would be at the top of my list. Why? Because he is the difference in making big plays successful.  We all saw that talent in the Tennessee game with the two blocked field goals. HE is an IMPACT player. If you have a player that makes that kind of difference every time he is put in...Why would that be a waste of NFL money? He may be the winning difference in going to the Super Bowl or Going home. We have all kinds of players on a team. We have runners, we have people who can pass and receive, and we have the Mark Ingram's who impact the whole game, so why, would we not want ones that can stop a line. Cody takes up so much of the room and player focus on every play he is put in. He spreads out the line due to the coverage his frame provides. Many teams have to double block him, thus creating opportunities otherwise not available. In most situations with 11 players on the field you have man to man coverage, right? However, put Cody in the line up your 11 becomes 13 because he requires more than man to man coverage if you’re going to stop him. What is wrong with that? Adding a Mount Cody type to the lineup adds two players to your defensive line without a flag for too many men on the field.  How cool is that?

Mark Richt of Georgia said about Cody... "Haven’t seen anybody who's a match for this guy one-on-one. Nobody playing on Saturdays, or Sundays probably. " he goes on to say during the Georgia game "He's a beast," said Georgia coach Mark Richt, whose No. 3 Bulldogs host the No. 8 Crimson Tide at Sanford Stadium on Saturday night. "No one's blocked him. No one man has blocked him, and I haven't seen many double-teams block him, either. He's a problem, and probably the reason they are so outstanding against the rush. When you talk about guys who can push a pocket back in front of a quarterback, he can do it." “That is some more powerful words.
Cody was that kind of player. He is a take order and "do it "type of guy. He just knows he has a job and put will and determination behind the size and you have more on your hands than you can handle.

During Cody's high school years due to his academic struggle he was not allowed to play until his Senior year.  To his defense, he was plagued with responsibility that most kids in their high school years were not. His father was killed when he was 12. Him mom was pregnant when this happened. He was the man of the family at 12 and he had to find ways to take care of his siblings while his mother drove a bus. He lived in a drug infested Fort Meyers and managed to stay out of trouble. By the time he could play football his Sr. year it was almost too late to realize a football career from that.

This is how Cody became the “Terrance Cody”. One day during a routine scouting call to the High School Steve Campbell from Gulf Coast Community College called to inquire about another player. During the conversation what was about to be said would forever change the path for Cody and eventually lead the Crimson Tide to their 13th NC. Scott Jones, who was Cody's high school coach told Campbell the student he was inquiring about had transferred to Florida but mentioned that he had a "400 pound defensive lineman who could dunk a basketball". This of course perked up ears.
Campbell was sent tapes and he watched Cody go to work. In one of the tapes it showed Cody spinning around Noel Devine against North Fort Myers High School during his senior season, Cody grabbed tailback Noel Devine in the backfield.

"Terrence got ahold of his jersey, spun him around like a top and fell down on him," Jones said. "He came to the sideline and said, 'Coach, I made Devine throw up.' I said, 'Good for you, Terrence.'"

He is such a teddy bear? He was so big and strong that he even underestimated his strength. They had to impose the "Cody Rule" it stated the biggest guys on the field were not allowed to tackle during practice. 

When Cody arrived to play for the bulldogs he completed agility drills above most of the players who were half his size. He was conditioned and physically more fit despite his appearance. Once again he defied all reason relating to size and athleticism.

When Cody arrived at Alabama he suddenly become an icon of Bama Football. The fans fell in love with him. His personality completed that circle. Cody got into the hearts and minds of all of us. Chants were sung out about him. Crowds would go crazy when they put him in. Often the chants would start before he was put in.  It never changed him or his playing. He was going to get the job done regardless. During his time at Alabama, Nick Saban gave him the ultimatum to lose weight and then you can play. Cody dedicated himself to that but for some people their frame is what they are. Cody is meant to be big. Cody is not restricted by his weight. Cody is conditioned better than some of the more physically appealing. I think Nick Saban knew that but wanted to make sure that he was not putting Cody in harm of injuries that can result from being out of shape.

Over the next couple of years Saban and Cody developed a special relationship. One like no other on the team. Every ball game and every ride to the Walk of Champions Cody sit down in a seat across or in front of the Coach and reminded him he was ready and he wanted to play. Often you could see them make their way off the bus together one in front of the other but never too much distance between them. It was as much mutual respect between the two of who they are and what they brought to the table. The common bond was that they both loved their jobs and they both loved Alabama.

I think for my age generation the Block against Tennessee will go down in History as remembered as "the Kick”. Without the extension of those arms, the strength of that build that allowed him to block that kick...Alabama would not be National Champions now. We would have lost the game against Tennessee. That is the kind of player you have in Cody. To see his excitement after and hear the crowd chant...Cody, Cody, Cody...was enough to put goose bumps on your skin because you realize that this team is Special. One like we have never seen before. Much of that success and glue came from Rolando McClain, Terrance Cody and Mark Ingram...true leaders of the game. Cody made his mark on the world and he left his footprint in our hearts and if the NFL can't see that I would suggest that they take some time to reflect over the next few days.

Cody is a player who despite all the odds of...losing his father, raising his family, missing all of his high school football years until his Sr. year, and constantly being underestimated, helped lead the Crimson Tide to their 13th Championship. With his heart, his mind, his strength and compassion to the game, not to mention the determination...he should be on everyone's radar as a first round draft pick.

Remember in the early 1980's William Perry who played for Clemson earned the nickname "The Refrigerator".  Michigan State offensive tackle Tony Mandarich earned the name "Incredible Bulk" because of his bulging muscles. Last but not least Aaron Gibson who was Wisconsins largest in their history. Matter of fact he was the largest person at over 400 lbs when he signed with the Dallas Cowboys in 2002.


All I have to say is we owe it to one man who had enough foresight to see passed the weight and realize his special talent and that was his high school Coach. Thank you Coach Jones. Thanks for believing in him enough for him to have his chance.


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