Ike Davis-Era Starts Tonight

Flushing Baseball DailyContributor IApril 19, 2010

Although he was penciled into Buffalo’s starting lineup today, the Mets have announced, according to Kevin Burkhardt of SNY, that they are adding minor league first baseman Ike Davis to the roster today.

After reports said that he was in today’s lineup in Buffalo it didn’t seem like the Mets would make this move until Tuesday at the earliest. But he was just removed from the lineup minutes ago after Mets manager Jerry Manuel said that the pitching staff was rested after their 20 inning marathon two nights ago and that they did not need 13 pitchers anymore.

The Mets have not made a coinciding roster move yet, so while they have pulled him out of the Buffalo lineup an announced that he will be added to the team, I guess they have some doubt as to whether or not he’ll arrive in time to play tonight. It’s at least a six and a half hour drive from Buffalo to Flushing and even that is at a good pace so unless he’s flying my guess is that he will not be in the Mets lineup tonight.

We’ll keep you posted as to whether or not he’ll be playing tonight for sure and whom they’re going to send down in his place. It’ll be a pitcher, my guess is either Tobi Stoner or Raul Valdes. Check back here for an update later.

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