My TNA Locdown 2010 Review

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 19, 2010

1) RVD vs James Storm

A solid 6 minutes opener. RVD performed really well, flying all over the place and James storm was solid. We had some good back and forth action, but at the end RVD predictably got the victory in his TNA ppv debut. 

Unarguably a great opener.

Score: ** 1/2


2) Homicide vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shellay vs Brian Kendrick

This was good for as long as it lasted. All those underrated wrestlers have showed us they can push TNA to the top. 

Even though I expected a Kendrick victory I am glad Homicide won. Still the match waqs given very little time and if it was removed from the card and those 4 minutes were given to the RVD vs Storm, or to the Heavuweight match nobody would have really noticed it.

Score: **

3) Kevin Nash vs Eric Young 

This match didn't dissapoint us, only because we never expected anything huge. By far the worst match of the PPV. Nash sqaushes Young in a 4 min. squash match to pickup the victory.

Like the Fatal four way, no one would have cared if the match never happened.

Score: *

4) Beautiful People vs Love and and Tara

A typical womens match. After a decent 5 minutes match Rayne pins Tara.

Score: * 1/4

5) Kaz vs Moore vs Homicide.

Solid action. All three men were great. Homicide showed he has huge talent, Kaz was as always solid and Moore was flying all over the place.

Nice ending, and a great match in general. Good to see TNA is giving a 10 min. X-Division match at a PPV.

Score:*** 1/4

6) Team 3-D vs The Band

Team 3-D showed that they can still go on. On the other hand the Band has showed us they are done. Why give Nash two matches when he can barely breat after a 4 min. squash match?

Score: **
7) Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson
Excellence! The Hitman of the modern day Kurt Angle showed us why he is arguably the best technical wrestler of all time, Mr.Andesron played the cocky heel well, and it was proven that those two have chemistry.
A spectacular match with a lot of huge moments. At the end Angle takes his revenge. Angle was fantastic, Anderson was fantastic and the match is a sure match of the year candidate.
Score:  **** 1/4
8) AJ Styles vs D'angelo D'Inero
I expected the Pope to win because he is ready for the main-event , but I had no problem with Styles winning.
It was a solid match, TNA clearly showed they wanted to focus on the Leathal Lockdown match, no problem. DDI looked like a credible competitor and the match was good.
Score: *** 1/2
9) Team Flair ( Sting, Beer Money inc, Desmond Wolfe) vs Team Hogan ( Abyss, RVD, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarett)
Turned out better than I expected, but 30 mins. were too much. I liked the buildup for a possible Sting vs Hardy feud, but a lot of the competitors got lost in the match.
Obviously the faces win. Hardy, Abyss and Money inc performed well and saved the match.
Score: ***
Overall PPV score: 3.5/5
Best match: Anderson vs Angle
Worst match: Nash vs Young