The Attitude Era...Time To Take The Rightful Backseat

Broderick CollinsContributor IApril 19, 2010

Readers of Bleacher Report,

I hope this article can finally put an end to the war being waged between Attitude Era wrestling fans and the seemingly few fans of the "PG Era".  This is not an article on which is better, but more a culmination of my ideas in what I have been reading and watching weekly in the WWE.

Many of us undoubtedly miss the days of The Rocks amazing promos and Stone Colds cussing, beer-filled interviews.  Lets go further back though, into the annals of wrestling history and remember a time where wrestling rings were filled with guys the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair (both before they sold out), Randy Savage, and Andre the Giant.  That was a completely different time in wrestling compared to the Attitude Era.  It was less edgy and raunchy, it was a more family-oriented show that a father could come and watch with all of his kids.  And if we go further back than that we would see a very different wrestling from the 80's, an era where wrestling was ran region by region.

So my question is why now do we want to down the era of wrestling we are in.  Just look at the history of wrestling, when the Attitude Era was around it was what was best for the wrestling industry as a whole. Likewise before the Attitude Era the gimmicks of the 80's was the money making machine for wrestling. 

I am sure now you may be asking what is the point?  Well here it is, if we are fans of the sport/entertainment of wrestling, we should always be.  It is not the fair-weather fans of wrestling that keep the industry in business, but the ones that love the product no matter what.  No one said you had to love the days of Hulk Hogan being shoved down your throat, just as you do not have to love today's force-feeding of John Cena.  But let us just remember that while Vince McMahon is not necessarily the guy you want to be best friends with, he is the one who for the past 30 has brought us the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold, and John Cena.  If he knew what was best for the business then, I hold strong that he is NOT so grossly out of touch now that he is not making the best decisions currently. 

We as fans of the sport should be there through it's evolution.  We had the era of "Superman Hogan" just like now we are having "Superman Cena".  So make patience your virtue and just as Hogan turned heel, thrusting the wrestling industry on it's side and leading us into an era of wrestling's great Monday Night Wars, one day so will Cena (and many wishes will be granted with that).  It may not happen soon, honestly it will probably take TNA competing seriously first before any actions are taken like that, but everything comes and fades then it has another resurgence.  So for now perhaps lets just look back fondly on the days past, and enjoy the product that we are being given for what it is now and eventually wrestling will come back around and make many unhappy people happy again.

I hope this article helps shed some new light on the ideas of the Attitude Era v. the PG Era.  All comments and ideas are welcomed and encouraged.  As fans, our opinions are always important.