Ginn Trade Could Shake Up Draft For 49ers

Andrew HuntContributor IApril 19, 2010

With the Niners trading a 5th round pick (145 overall) for Ted Ginn jr., they have filled a glaring weakness. Nothing stands out last season more than the lack of a threat in the return game. Think Arnez Battle.

With Ginn in the fold, the Niners can move to fill other needs. Ginn also adds a deep threat in the passing game. Since Jason Hill plays slower than he ran at the combine, the Niners have been short on speed in the receiving department. In fact, Ginn will be the only receiver on the roster to be faster than Vernon Davis. He may be effective in the spread, and open up the middle for Vernon and Crabs. He may never be more than the third or fourth receiver on the depth chart, but he brings Devin Hester type speed and return skills. I think given the price it was a smart move.

In the draft, the Niners need to upgrade speed at a couple of spots. Nowhere is this more evident than the defensive backfield. Hayden would be an upgrade, and could be paired with Terrell Brown in the future. If one of the tackles are available to them, look to the second round where the team could snag Javiar Arenas or Syd"quan Thomson. I also would like the team to look to the future for strong safety. Michael Lewis is one big hit from never land. He is also a liability in coverage. Goldson is a keeper, and I imagine will come on with a big season . One other player they should consider in the second round is DT Terrance Cody. He could slide right in and take over for Aubrayo Franklin. He was franchised, and could allow the Niners some cap room if they don't choose to go long term with Franklin.

I think the massive move on tackles in the top 10 is going to cause some players once thought to be unavailable, to be so. Assuming Okung, Bulaga, Williams and Davis are gone, Hayden, Spiller and Earl Thomas may be available. And I know Clausen may also be there. And if he to the podium. Get him! His mechanics are top notch  ( see espn mag's article this month), and unlike Bradford and McCoy, has had to deal with the pass rush.

I would not be surprised if they use the 13 then trade back with the 17 to the mid 20's. I am not a big fan of that usually, but I see this as an opportunity to stack some picks for some depth. Charles Brown is a real option in the second round. He could be next to Chilo for the next 10 years. An all Trojan right side. The questions about Browns desire  and love of the game are of concern to me. The Niners want to stay away from another Jonnas Jennings. But recruited as a tight end, he has the quick feet, and the frame to add some bulk.