Arsenal FC: The Blinded Fan

Samuel Mensah@@MensahBoGAnalyst IApril 19, 2010

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 14:  Tottenham Hotspur fans berate Sol Campbell of Arsenal during the Barclays Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal at White Hart Lane on April 14, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
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I don't want to get into what I predicted or what in fact happened this season. I just want to make Arsenal fans, such as myself, aware that it does not mean you do not support your football team because you can see there are problems with the team.

It also is not wrong to ask for more and to be disappointed with what you see. There is nothing wrong with criticism for those with any salt about them will rise above it and prove their detractors wrong.

Ask yourself honestly, how long have Arsenal had a poor defence? A poor Keeper even?

Why is it then that not one thing has been done to combat these areas. Vermalen is a replacement for Toure but at least another could have been added. Ask yourself why a past it Man U cast off features heavily in our squad. Why our wing backs look best in the opposing half than they do in there own?

Ask yourself if it is truly a new phenomenon that Arsenal have injury prone players and that come this stage of the season it all falls away? In that case it is not unlucky, for you make your own luck.

So knowing that you don't have a 30+ goalscorer on your team and Van Persie has never had a full season without injury, why would you not replace a 30+ goalscorer like Adebayor?

Why would you think little Denilson can help hold a three man midfield or that Diaby can have a consistent season. Has it been proven yet?

Why would you let Flamini and Gilberto go in the same season with no replacement?

Wenger inherited an aging team and had much success with it but then he decides that if you reach over 30 you are no longer needed. That is strange and extremely ageist. Players like Sol Campbell probably felt they had to leave.

Now let's talk about identity. Why is it that some of Man U's core players are still there influencing the squad? Yes they may be not as great but they sure do ignite the fire of the younger players. They still have that eternal belief of the squad and that is passed on through the ranks. There is no doubt in my mind that though Man U never plays the greatest football that belief carries them over the finish line. There is no coincidence that a Scholes will score a winner in a derby with seconds to go. That is what they are.

What is Arsenal's identity? A bunch of foreign youngsters? That is not the identity of Arsenal FC. Not playing our best teams in important domestic cups is not Arsenal FC. Not being able to field one English man in the starting 11 is not Arsenal FC.

I find that shocking.

Are people trying to tell me that there have not been better Englishman than Denilson, Diaby, Almunia, Bendtner, Eduardo, and more in the Prem. Wenger would never even think of buying a Johnson as Man City have recently done to such great results. Spurs have foreigners in the team but they have not flooded their identity. They have found players and to continue saying they are all expensive is ridiculous, we even got Sol on a free.

What happens when a new player comes in from abroad who does he talk to about the history of the club? Surely he'll be looking for the more senior homegrown boys to bed him in. These are the boys the others look to when times are hard. The Lampard's, Terry's, Ferdinand's, Giggs, Scholes, Gerard, Carragher, King, Rooney, Dawson, Cole, Parker etc.

I mean these players have been tough, loyal, and the spine in which their manager will build the team around.

I love Fabs and he is a good captain but at 22 he shouldn't have even had the opportunity to be captain. Gallas a LB with an ego, from Chelsea, was given the armband and he treated it disgustingly in the end, though I do still like him.

Where is the Arsenal identity. You can see disappointment in the ex veteran faces when they talk of Arsenal because the name is almost unrecognisable. Where does it go from here? It's almost as if the view is that we are too good to recruit established British talent. Like they cannot play for us. I'm sorry to say performances from our boys prove otherwise.

We do also have money to spend so please can we end the mountain of excuses and if, buts and maybes.


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