Time to Trade Antropov

Steve TerryAnalyst IJuly 15, 2008

Nik Antropov has had his best season in his career this year.

He has come along way from his start.

Antropov has the best hand-eye coordination on the Leafs, if not one of the best in the NHL.

His power and force to drive to the net while carrying the puck is much like Sundin.

So, why is it time to trade Antropov?

Antropov did have a good season this year, but he will probably never have another season like that again.

If you look at his history, you will see that it has been one plagued with injury.

It’s only a matter of time until he is "broken" again.

It’s the time to trade him now.

The reason why I say “now” is, because if you wait any longer, you will see him get injured.

His style of game is to tough for him not to get injured… and his popularity will never be this high again.

If the Leafs want to rebuild, they need to get draft picks and this is probably the best way to get a good draft.

Now, is the best time to trade Nik Antropov— before he brings his "stock" down.