Eagles: Ch--Ch--Changes In Store As Draft Approaches?

John MaranoContributor IApril 18, 2010

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We're down to the final few days until the party known as the 2010 NFL Draft begins.  With all of the insight, analysis, and study already thrown at us from all directions and corners of the sports writer's world, there's still only conjecture and guess work.

Oh, yeah, the first five or seven picks are already pretty much a given.  But, WHO will be making these selections is not written in stone just yet.  Rumors of trades between the top selecting teams are still circulating, and right now they are anyone's guess.

So, how do the Eagles fit into the mix?  Well, with all of the picks that they have at their disposal, and a penchant to move around during the draft, I believe that anything can happen.  This includes the expected AND the unexpected.

Rumors aside, it has been voiced in the media that potential deals with several trade partners are still being pursued.  Partners for the Eagles?  How about St. Louis, Detroit, Seattle, Cleveland, and maybe a few others that might have "cooled off" since the Free Agency period began.

Sources for these "potential deals" have come and gone, due to the validity and accuracy of the source.  But the fact that at least SOME sort of trade is in the works at SOME level or SOME phase of the draft process is inevitable.  Many teams on the "have not" scale are seeking to "do the deal" with somebody to jockey around and select that certain player or procure draft picks for the future.

All of this should be of no surprise to even the most casual "draftnik".  It has been written over and over again covering the possible scenarios.  However, the Eagles are in the "cat bird" seat as the draft approaches, and I'm sure the phones at One Nova Care Way are starting to warm up as Thursday draws near.

Imagine it: the Eagles stand on the cusp of something great here.  Let's all hope that they get exactly who they need in relation to their team needs.  Chances are they will also nab a few future picks before it is all said and done.  Either way, the Birds should come out in great shape (unless Rich Kotite and/or Ray Rhodes are a part of things).

Changes are certain in the Eagles locker room.  With all of the turn over so far, they might not be done reshaping the roster, including players presently on the team.  Some of these players, namely Trevor Laws, Dimitri Patterson, Geoffery Pope, Joselio Hanson, and others, just might get outplayed by the new guys or a free agent signee looking to take their job.  They might also be a part of a draft--day trade.

Change is a part of the "Not--For--Long" landscape.  It is surely going to come to all players at some point of their careers.  As sure as Father Time keeps ticking away, the departure of a player is as certain as change itself.  And for the Eagles, a few changes could just make all the difference in the world.

So, until the April 22--24 "party" is concluded, and all the guessing turns into facts, we will still be waiting...and hoping...and guessing...and "mocking"...time's yours.