Gary Sheffield: Why He'll Never Be A Hall of Famer

John ShullCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

Gary Sheffield, a “journeyman” of Major League Baseball, has seen his days come and go as a “go-to” guy in the MLB.

Now a Detroit Tiger, Sheffield made stops in Milwaukee, San Diego, Florida, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York.

He has always been outspoken, a tough teammate and… a coaches nightmare.

Detroit, which seems to be the new, New York, welcomed Sheffield back in 2007— one year after Detroit went to the World Series.

Some think Sheffield is a sure Hall of Famer with 485 career home runs and a lengthy tenure in the MLB, but here are five reasons why Gary Sheffield will not be inducted into the Hall-Of-Fame:

1.  For 20-years in the league, Sheffield's numbers are not consistent enough from year-to-year to be considered a Hall of Famer.


In 20-years in the league, Sheffield has played in less than 100 games in almost half of them!


2.  Sheffield is a power hitter?


Sheffield has hit only 30+ home runs in only seven seasons.


What would people think of Manny Ramirez, if he only hit an average of 24 home runs per year?


3.  Sheffield admitted to using a steroids cream in 2002.


Simple enough, do you see Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds or Jose Canseco in the Hall?


I did not think so.


4.  What has Sheffield given to the game?


I will let you answer this.


5.  The most important, because Sheffield has been on a few teams— what team would he be inducted with?

So, is Gary Sheffield a Hall Of Famer?

Only time will tell.