Detroit Lions: 2010 NFL Draft Trade Bait

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Detroit Lions: 2010 NFL Draft Trade Bait
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The 2010 NFL Draft, by most analysts' opinions, is one of the deeper drafts in recent memory. If this is indeed the case then most teams, the Detroit Lions included, will be looking to acquire more picks.

We've learned General Manager Martin Mayhew is not opposed to making trades, and if I had to venture a guess, he'll be more than willing to make a move during the draft.

The question is, what kind of move? What or who will be leaving? What kind of bait does Mayhew have to work with?

The 34th Overall Pick, Second Round

I've mentioned it quite a few times before but it's worth mentioning again. Due to the new format of the draft (round one on Thursday night, rounds two and three on Friday night and round four through seven on Saturday afternoon) the beginning of the second round becomes the trade hot spot that the beginning of the third used to be.

Consider the fact that in every draft since 2004 one of the first two teams picking in the third round have traded out of that pick. It seems to be a trend that if there is time overnight to work out deals, that one will happen.

I would assume with time overnight to work out deals this year that some team will be willing to move up for that guy they didn't expect to fall out of the first round that did.

Whether it's the Rams or the Lions (or maybe both) that takes advantage of this trend is the real question.

Possible Value- Swap of second rounders and a third round pick

Cliff Avril

Most would consider 10.5 sacks and seven forced fumbles in your first two years in the league to be a pretty good number. However, everyone around the Lions, including Cliff, knows that Avril has the potential to get those kind of numbers in one year.

At 6'3" and 260 pounds Avril is not quite the large DE that Schwartz likes. If he were able to pack on another 10-15 pounds, he may be better against the run and thus someone who could be more than a pass rush specialist. As it stands now though, he is slated to get playing time during third down and other obvious passing situations only.

With so much potential at a position that can often take longer to develop, Avril has some trade value.

Possible value- Anywhere from a late second round pick to early fourth.

Ernie Sims

Ernie Sims is arguably one of Matt Millen's better draft picks. The hard hitting OLB has been a tackling machine for the Lions and was a nice fit for the Tampa-2 scheme that was being run when he was chosen. He would also fit in a number of other systems in which he wouldn't be expected to blitz often and could use his athleticism to make plays.

Regardless of his talent, he isn't a great fit for what Jim Schwartz wants to do. He has the talent to be a good starting OLB for a bunch of teams.

Possible value- second or third round pick

Update: ESPN is reporting that the Lions have traded Ernie Sims in a three way trade. The Lions will get TE Tony Scheffler from Denver, the Eagles will get Ernie Sims and Denver will receive picks from the Eagles.


There is a possibility that Julian Peterson could be traded, but not many teams are likely to want to take that contract. Also, Bryant Johnson and Jordon Dizon are expendable and could garner selections in the later rounds, though finding a trade partner might be tough.

Feel free to add any other possibilities in the comments section, I'd love to hear the other ideas that are out there!

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