Carter's MLB Power Rankings Through April 18: Phillies Remain Number One

David CarterCorrespondent IApril 18, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - APRIL 12: The Philly Phanatic leads the team down the street in a parade to the ballpark before the game against the Washington Nationals on Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park on April 12, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Here's how I see the top 30 MLB teams, from strongest to weakest.

The Phillies are number one. I just think they've played better than anybody else in baseball. Everybody is doing their part well, Roy Halladay is pitching like Roy Halladay, and they are doing a great job and racking up the runs and are playing well on the road.

1. Philadelphia Phillies (8-3)

The Phillies own the NL’s top road record (5-1). They have also scored more runs than any other team this year (78).

2. San Francisco Giants (8-3)

Tim Lincecum (not surprisingly) has struck out more batters than any other team in the league, with 24.

3. Minnesota Twins (9-3)

The Twins have given up only 37 runs this year, the least amount of any AL team. Jon Rauch leads the league in saves with six. So, I’m sure they aren’t missing Joe Nathan as much as they thought they would.

4. New York Yankees (8-3)

Derek Jeter currently has 19 hits through 11 games. Only Franklin Gutierrez and Placido Polanco have more.

5. Oakland Athletics (9-4)

The A’s currently hold the MLB best home record (6-1). Rajai Davis leads the majors with seven stolen bases.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (7-4)

The Cardinals are getting the job done with their great pitchers. They have given up the least amount of runs, 35, out of any team this year.

7. Colorado Rockies (6-5)

Congrats to Ubaldo Jimenez on his no-hitter last night. He is now 3-0 with a 1.29 ERA and 20 strikeouts. Very nice start!

8. Tampa Bay Rays (8-3)

The Rays are the only team that is currently undefeated on the road (5-0).

9. Atlanta Braves (6-5)

Derek Lowe has walked more batters than any other pitcher in the majors (12).

10. Arizona Diamondbacks (5-6)

Chris Young seems to be taking over the “team MVP” role. He’s batting .302 with 13 hits, three HR and 15 RBI.

11. Florida Marlins (7-5)

Jorge Cantu is a huge reason the Marlins are above .500, so far. He leads the league with 16 RBI.

12. San Diego Padres (5-6)

Chase Headley seems to be taking a huge step towards being considered the team's best player. So far, he’s hitting .378 with 17 hits.

13. Texas Rangers (5-6)

Nelson Cruz should be considered for the AL Player of the Month Award. He leads the majors with seven HR, and also leads the AL with 15 RBI.

14. Toronto Blue Jays (7-5)

Alex Gonzalez currently leads the MLB with seven doubles. Vernon Wells is second in the majors in slugging percentage (.860).

15. New York Mets (4-7)

David Wright has been walked more than any other player so far. He’s been walked 17 times this year.

16. Chicago White Sox (4-8)

I’m really starting to like this Gordon Beckham guy. He already has 12 hits this year.

17. Los Angeles Dodgers (5-6)

Only the Pirates have given up more runs this season than the Dodgers.

18. Seattle Mariners (6-6)

Franklin Gutierrez is currently the MLB’s hit leader two weeks into the season (20 hits through 12 games). He’s not bad defensively, either.

19. Detroit Tigers (6-5)

If Magglio Ordonez, Miguel Cabrera, and Austin Jackson continue to play the way they have been, this team will be very dangerous to play against.

20. Chicago Cubs (5-6)

Not a very good start to the season for Carlos Zambrano. He currently has a 9.45 ERA and has given up a major league high 15 runs.

21. Boston Red Sox (4-7)

I wouldn’t say it’s time to panic yet, if you’re a Red Sox fan. But those 54 runs given up is a bit concerning.

22. Cleveland Indians (5-6)

It seems like Shin-Soo Choo and Asdrubal Cabrera have been the only ones worth being excited about in Cleveland. No other Indians hitter has more than 9 hits as of Sunday morning.

23. Washington Nationals (6-5)

Nyjer Morgan is the only player to record more than two triples this season so far.

24. Kansas City Royals (4-7)

Scott Podsednik leads the AL in OBP (.521).

25. Cincinnati Reds (5-6)

Aaron Harang has had more runs scored on him than any other pitcher in the majors (15). Mike Leake (along with Derek Lowe) has walked more batters than anybody else.

26. Milwaukee Brewers (4-7)

Before the season started, I had absolutely no idea who Casey McGehee was. Apparently, I should get to know him. He’s batting .366 with 15 hits, 4 HR, and 9 RBI at this point.

27. Los Angeles Angels (5-7)

The Halos have given up an american league worst 68 runs this year. I’m sure they are missing John Lackey right about now. On a more positive note, Jered Weaver has struck out more batters than any other pitcher in the AL (21).

28. Pittsburgh Pirates (6-5)

Despite being only one game over .500, the Pirates own the National League’s best home record (4-1). On a more negative note, they have also given up a league worst 72 runs this year.

29. Baltimore Orioles (1-11)

The O’s are the only team in the AL that have yet to win a home game (0-6).

30. Houston Astros (2-9)

The Astros have been outscored by a major league worst 30 combined runs this season. They have scored a league worst 25 runs.


Carter’s 2010 MLB Award Races:

AL Most Valuable Player

1. Dustin Pedroia (BOS): .391 avg., 18 hits, 5 HR, 12 RBI

2. Vernon Wells (TOR): .372 avg., 16 hits, 6 HR, 11 RBI

3. Nelson Cruz (TEX); .342 avg., 13 hits, 7 HR, 15 RBI

4. Derek Jeter (NYY): .380 avg., 19 hits, 3 HR, 9 RBI

5. Robinson Cano (NYY): .356 avg., 16 hits, 4 HR, 9 RBI

6. Jose Guillen (KC): .341 avg., 15 hits, 5 HR, 9 RBI

7. Alex Gonzalez (TOR): .333., 17 hits, 4 HR, 8 RBI

8. Magglio Ordonez (DET): .341 avg., 15 hits, 4 HR, 9 RBI

9. Paul Konerko (CHW): .216 avg., 8 hits, 4 HR, 8 RBI

10. Hideki Matsui (LAA): .311 avg., 14 hits, 3 HR, 7 RBI



NL Most Valuable Player

1. Albert Pujols (STL): .364 avg., 16 hits, 5 HR, 15 RBI

2. Ryan Braun (MIL): .386 avg., 17 hits, 3 HR, 11 RBI

3. Chase Utley PHI): .366 avg., 15 hits, 6 HR, 12 RBI

4. Matt Kemp (LAD): .327 avg., 16 hits, 5 HR, 15 RBI

5. Ryan Howard (PHI): .333 avg., 17 hits, 3 HR, 14 RBI

6. Jeff Francoeur (NYM): .381 avg., 16 hits, 3 HR, 8 RBI

7. Casey McGehee (MIL): .366 avg., 15 hits, 4 HR, 9 RBI

8. Jorge Cantu (FLA): .292 avg., 14 hits, 3 HR, 16 RBI

9. Josh Willingham (WSH): .382 avg., 13 hits, 3 HR, 10 RBI

10. Chris Young (ARZ): .302 avg., 13 hits, 3 HR, 15 RBI


AL Cy Young Award

1. Matt Garza (TB): 2-0, 1.13 ERA, 14 strikeouts

2. Andy Pettitte (NYY): 1-0, 0.75 ERA, 10 strikeouts

3. Dana Eveland (OAK): 2-0, 1.35 ERA, 6 strikeouts

4. Carl Pavano (MIN): 2-0, 1.38 ERA, 10 strikeouts

5. John Danks (CHW): 1-0, 1.38 ERA, 12 strikeouts

6. Ricky Romero (TOR): 1-0, 1.80 ERA, 16 strikeouts

7. Matt Harrison (TEX): 0-1, 1.38 ERA, 7 strikeouts

8. John Lackey (BOS): 1-0, 1.42 ERA, 5 strikeouts

9. Doug Fister (SEA): 1-1, 1.50 ERA, 6 strikeouts

10. Max Scherzer (DET): 0-1, 1.64 ERA, 6 strikeouts


NL Cy Young Award

1. Tim Lincecum (SF): 3-0, 0.90 ERA, 24 strikeouts

2. Roy Halladay (PHI): 3-0, 1.13 ERA, 21 strikeouts

3. Livan Hernandez (WSH): 2-0, 0.00 ERA, 4 strikeouts

4. Ubaldo Jimenez (COL): 3-0, 1.29 ERA, 20 strikeouts

5. Brad Penny (STL): 2-0, 0.64 ERA, 8 strikeouts

6. Adam Wainwright (STL): 2-0, 1.20 ERA, 13 strikeouts

7. Jaime Garcia (STL): 1-0, 0.69 ERA, 10 strikeouts

8. Carlos Silva (CHC): 1-0, 0.69 ERA, 8 strikeouts

9. Hiroki Kuroda (LAD): 1-0, 1.20 ERA, 14 strikeouts

10. Mike Pelfrey (NYM): 2-0, 1.29 ERA, 10 strikeouts, 1 save


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