Ryan's Return, Mock Draft 2010

ryan lalalaContributor IApril 18, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 05:  Quarterback Sam Bradford #14 of the Oklahoma Sooners lines up for a play at Cowboys Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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This year's NFL draft is one of the deepest in years if your a team in the market for a defensive lineman, or an offensive tackle. If your a team in need of a quarterback or front line wide reciever, imagine this year's draft as final Jepordy.

The question. Is your franchise willing to take a quarterback coming off two shoulder surgeries, or a wide reciever with tons of talent, but no shoes for a workout? Time's up, make your wager. Here is mine for the 2010 NFL Draft.


1. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford, QB, OU: At this point it appears the Rams front office is going to take Bradford's above average pro day as the final stepping stone toward securing him as the Rams new franchise cornerstone. The opinions on Bradford vary, depending on the day, minute and second you catch a general manager or scout. In a perfect world, Rams GM Billy Devaney would trade this pick and focus on picking up an offensive and defesnive lineman. However, with the release of Marc Bulger along with the difficulty of finding even one team interested in the last first overall pick before the new CBA, and you have Bradford as pick one.

 2.) Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh, DT, NEB: The Lions need help defensivly, and although one player is never the answer, Suh is the best defensive line prospect in the draft. Alot of buzz has Gerald McCoy going in this spot, and although McCoy is a good fit for the Lions defesne, Suh is a good fit for ANY defesne. That makes him the pick here.

3.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Eric Berry S/TENN: This is the first surprise of my 2010 mock for a few reasons. First, a safety has not been drafted this high in over ten years. Also, everyone has the Bucs taking Gerald McCoy with this pick. I think the Bucs could take Berry for a few reasons, perhaps the biggest being they have an average safety tandem, with Sabby Piscitelli, and Tanard Jackson. Bringing in a smart, fast, playmaker like Berry does not come along often, and will lay the foundation for a solid secondary, along with Aquib Talib. The Bucs do have a need in the middle of the defensive line, but this is a deep draft and the Bucs can nab a quality player in rounds two or three.

4.) Washington Redskins: Trent Williams, OT/OU: The Redskins have the fewest picks in the NFC east this year, and with a glaring need on the offensive line, this is as much of a need pick as it is a smart pick. I believe this pick comes down to two players, Williams and Russell Okung, the tackle from Oklahoma State. Both players are very talented, however Williams lateral quickness and strength is a better fit for head coach  Mike Shannahan's blocking scheme. I also believe the Redskins will try and move Jason Campbell, and maybe even Albert Haynesworth in this draft to get more picks. Be on the lookout for one of the two to be traded.

5.) Kansas City Chiefs: Russel Okung, OT/OSU: Rumor has it the Chiefs would also love to trade down, however although I include trade's in my mock, I think the Chiefs stand pat here and take Okung. They have a need on the offensive line, and the chance to get a top flight tackle like Okung or Iowa's Brian Bulaga is to great to pass up for Chief's GM Scott Piaoli. However, don't rule out a surprise pick here at all, after all Piaoli comes from the new school of valuing positions over players.

6.) Seattle Seahawks: Trade 1st round pick to Bills for 9th overall selection and round 3 pick. Bills select QB Jimmy Clausen, ND : This is my first forecasted trade in my mock for two reasons. First, I don't believe Pete Carroll has any interest in the remaining top flight quarterbacks in this years draft. Secondly, the Bills absolutely do, and know Jimmy Clausen may not be there when they draft at No. 9. Carroll has many needs across the board, and will take advantage of the Bills need to add a pick later on in the draft.

7.) Cleveland Browns: Gerald McCoy, DT/OU: The Browns luck into a great selection at No. 7 in my mock draft. With the teams before them having bigger needs at either quarterback or offensive line, the Browns can at a great player in McCoy. McCoy is big, strong and fast, and will allow the Browns some room in case they decide to dispose of problem DT Sean Rodgers. Look for the Browns to add a quarterback in either rounds two or three, and also look for them to add a possession type wide receiver as well.

8.) Oakland Raiders: Bruce Campbell, OT/MD: The Raiders selections in any mock are usually just a shot in the dark, with this year being no different. After looking at about 30 mocks and also analysing the Raiders roster and rumors from around the league, I am going with Campbell as the selection here. He is the big, physical specimen Al Davis loves, however, if you are lazy, out of shape and you have slow feet, you may just be a large standing statue, which is exactly what I think Campbell is. The Raiders may also attempt to trade this pick. I did not factor this into my mock simply because there is not one single player at this point I feel any team would want to trade up to get. But as you all know, this pick could go in about 10202020202020 different directions come draft day.

9.) Seattle Seahawks: Dez Bryant WR/OSU: I'm not one of those who believe Bryant will fall out of the top ten in a draft in which receiver talent is at a premium. Even if you come to your pro day without shoes...or a good attitude. Anyway, on to the more important things. I believe Pete Carrol thinks he can coach anyone, and will take a chance on the very talented Bryant. Bryant has a great speed and hands, and his size will give him yet another advantage over comebacks and safeties.

10.) Jacksonville Jaguars: Joe Haden, CB/FL: This is the hardest part of a mock to predict, but I think the Jaguars go with a bit of a suprise and make Haden the first cornerback selected in the 2010 draft. A lot of mocks have the Jags taking C.J. Spiller with this pick, but I just cant see why the Jags would want two undersized backs on their roster. Defensive line is also a big possibility here, maybe Everson Griffin or J.P.P., the USF product could be selected here. The Jags could have a solid foundation at corner if they team the instinctive and aggressive Haden with No. 1 corner Rasean Mathis.

11.) Dever Broncos (F. Chicago) Rolando McClain, ILB/ALA: The Broncos would be foolish to pass on McClain here, who's aggressiveness and leadership would be a great addition to the teams defense. The Broncos have a need to be more solid up the middle and McClain the best middle linebacker in the draft, hands down. There have been questions about his speed, but all your have to do is see this guy play to see that he's fast enough and hits like a freight train.

12.) Miami Dolphins: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/USF: The Dolphins filled a huge need with the addition of Brandon Marshall, a No. 1 wide receiver this team has been without for seemingly forever. With that side of the ball looking solid, the Dolphins now have the chance to take a bust or boom prospect in J.P.P. The size and quickness in there in bunches for J.P.P., and his often questioned motor is something of more rumor then actual fact. The biggest concern with him is his lack of experience, and if one year at South Florida can equate to NFL success. Also look for the Dolphins to try and unload Ted Ginn Jr on draft day.

13.) San Francisco 49ers: Brian Bulaga, OT/Iowa: The Niners can go a number of different ways with this selection, but in my mock Bulaga is still on the board and his free fall stops at No. 13. The niners have a solid tackle in Joe Staley, and with the addition of Bulaga, the 49ers can solidify the other side of thier offensive line. I believe a linebacker is also a strong possibility here, with maybe a Sergio Kindle, or Jerry Hughes. Both are more pass rushers then pure linebackers, which is a better fit for the Niners 3-4 defense.

14.) Seattle Seahawks (F. Denver): Everson Griffin, DE/USC: The Seahawks have the chance to rebuild both sides of the ball in this draft, and turn their attention to the defensive line after selecting Dez Bryant earlier on. Griffin is an okay college player, who teams believe has the physical tools to be an above average pro player. Who better to take a chance on him then his former coach at USC. If Griffin can keep his motor going and become a more disciplined player, he may end up as the top defensive end in the 2010 draft. However, if he continues to play inconsistently, this could be a wasted pick.

15.) New York Giants: C.J. Spiller, RB/CLEM: The Giants will go back and forth between the fast and explosive Spiller, and the solid and sturdy defensive tackle Dan Williams at this pick. With the offeseason addition of Antrel Rolle for the defense, the offense maybe be addressed first in the draft. Spiller would give the Giants exactly what Derrick Ward gave them two years ago, a reasonable alternative to Brandon Jacobs. This would give the G-men a much more dynamic running game, and would also put Spiller in a situation where he is not an every-down back, something that will allow him to flourish.

16.) Tennessee Titans: Derrick Morgan, DE/GT: The Titans should be much improved entering the 2010 season, and with the selection of Morgan, they can begin to try and fill one of their biggest holes, which is on the defensive line. Morgan is a prospect in the  Will Smith type mold, not a sack machine but a complete player who can be on the field for every down. This style will work well with Jeff Fisher's system, and is a great value at this point in round 1.

17.) San Francisco 49ers (F. Carolina): Sergio Kindle OLB/TEX: With thier second round 1 selection, I think the 49ers will address thier need for another pass rusher and select Kindle. Kindle is a big at 6'4', and will give the team a pass rusher to come off the edge. There are a lot of scouts who feel Kindle will never been an every down player, but the 49ers only need him to do what he does best, which is rush the passer.

18.) Pittsburgh Steelers: Maurkice Pouncey, C/FL: The Steelers have a longstanding tradition of solid offensive line play, and with the selection of Pouncey the Steelers get the best center in the draft. Pouncey will anchor the offensive line for the Steelers for the next decade, that's how good people think he is. He has great size and footwork, and will help protect Big Ben, provided he is the quarterback when the season begins.

19.) Falcons trade No. 19 pick to the Philadelphia Eagles a second round pick (No.37 F. Redskins, and a 2nd round pick next year): Eagles select S Earl Thomas/TEX: I have the Falcons trading this pick for a few reasons. First, The Eagles have a ton of picks, and historically have always traded up or down in the first round to get the player they want. Secondly, the Falcons do not have a second round pick, and the ability to get the Eagles pick this year and next year will allow the Falcons to address more needs in the long run. Also, the Falcons needs fall under some of the deepest parts of the draft, so trading down makes sense there also. As for the Eagles, this team needs help at a variety of positions on the defensive side of the ball, and Thomas is a potential quarterback for their defense.

20.) Houston Texans: Kyle Wilson, CB/BOISE ST.: The Eagles jumped ahead and stole the Texans man Thomas at No. 19, so the Texans shift focus and select the second best corner in the draft in Wilson. Wilson has been a fast riser as of late, and his ability to return kicks will be an added bonus for a Texans team on the edge of breaking out. This selection of Wilson also will help to offset the loss of Daunta Robinson to the Falcons.

21.) Cincinnatti Bengals: Sean Witherspoon, LB/MIZZOU: The Bengals addressed a big need with the signing of Antonio Bryant in the offseason. By selection Witherspoon the Bengals will have a pair, as Witherspoon joins Keith Rivers. The Bengals have a decent amount of picks in this years draft, so don't rule out some trades on thier part, perhaps for some picks next year, or to move up in round 2 to get a defensive lineman.

22.) New England Patriots: Jermiane Gresham, TE/OU: The Patriots have a huge hole at the tight end position and are in a great spot to select the top tight end in the draft. Gresham will be a good fit for the Pats offense, and will give them a red zone threat as well.

23.) Green Bay Packers: Brandon Graham, DE/OlB/MICH: The Packers can help offset the loss of Aaron Kampman by selecting Graham, a good fit for the teams defense. Many scouts think Graham will have to make a transition of linebacker because of his small arm length, which will make it difficult to beat pro-level offensive tackles. Graham has a huge motor, and shows heart, two things that usually help a player have a solid NFL career.

24.) Philadelphia Eagles trade pick No. 24 to the Oakland Raiders for cornerback Nnamdi  Asomuga. Raiders select OLB Jerry Hughes/TCU: This is really going out on a limb, but I put this trade in for a few reasons. First, the Eagles have explored this trade before, and with their prior selection of Earl Thomas, this pick revamps the Eagles secondary. I beleive this trade only happens if the Raiders agree to pay some of Asomuga's salary for this season, which is upwards of 16 millions. This in turn gives the Raiders some financial relief, and they can also use this pick to select a pure pass rusher in Hughes, who has the chance to thrive in the right defense.

25.) Baltimore Ravens: Golden Tate, WR/ND: Tate's stock has risen as of late, and the Ravens continue their offensive makeover with this selection. Paired with Anquan Boldin, Joe Flacco now will have two legitimate targets entering the 2010 season.

26.) Arizona Cardinals: Aaron Hernandez, TE/FL: This is more of a need pick for the Cardinals who are in need of a pass catching tight end. Although a bit of a reach here, Hernandez probably will not last until the Cardinals pick in round 2, which means he's the selections here.

27.) Dallas Cowboys: Taylor Mays, S/LB/USC: The Taylor Mays selection has been reason for great debate these past few months. Even with the big time letdown of Taylor Mays clone Roy Williams in Dallas, if used the correct way Mays can be a solid NFL player. He needs to be used in more of a cover 2 situation, not a man to man situation, and I think the Cowboys, with defensive guru Wade Phillips manning the sidelines, will find a good use for Mays.

28.) San Diego Chargers: Ryan Matthews, RB/FRESNO ST.: This pick is easy. The chargers have a need at running back and Matthews is in my opinion the most complete back in the draft. Welcome to San Diego Mr. Matthews.

29.) New York Jets: Charles Brown, OT/USC: The Jets are the most improved team in the league and just get better with a pass protector for Sanchez.

30.) Minnesota Vikings: Colt McCoy: QB/UT: This may come as a surprise, but with Brett Favre riding on borrowed time, the selection of McCoy allows the Vikings to groom a quarterback for the future. McCoy is limited physically, but you can't forget he is the winningest quarterback in college football history.

31.) Indianapolis Colts: Dan Williams, DT/TENN: The Colts are the best drafting team in the past 20 years, and this year will be no different, with the addition of Williams. Williams is a solid workman like player who will be a perfect fit for the Colts.

32) New Orleans Saints: Mike Iupati, G/IDAHO: The Saints are in position to take the best value on the board, which makes this choice a perfect way to end round 1.