The Top 5 Reasons Why Georgia Will Win It All In 2008

A.J. MealorCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

It seems to be that many of the people on this fine website believe there is no way that the University of Georgia can win the National Championship this year, and has no business beginning the season as the No. 1 team in the country. They will tell you about previous Georgia teams, the record against Florida, the tough schedule, the hype, and so on. But there are several reasons why Georgia will win the National Championship this year, and here are five.

1. The Backfield: Georgia has an incredible backfield this year, probably its best since the days of Eric Zeir and Garrison Hearst. I understand they didn't win the National Championship, but you can blame that on the coaching. Anyways, Georgia returns QB Matt Stafford, RB Knowshon Moreno, and after the Arizona St. game FB Brandon Southerland. These three components along with the addition of redshirt freshman Caleb King make the Georgia offense explosive, and they have the ability and talent to play with anyone in the country.

2. Defense: This will be Georgia's fastest, deepest, and hardest hitting defense ever. There is one depth question at the weak CB position and possibly at S other than that Georgia should be ferocious on defense. They are two deep at every LB and DL position. I don't know if you caught the Hawaii game, but never in my life had I seen a team run to the football so well and hit a team so hard. Watch for Dannell Ellerbe, Rennie Curran, Geno Atkins, and Asher Allan to put up All-SEC performances this season.

3. Black Jerseys: If you were at the Auburn game you would understand, if you have seen videos from them coming out on the field you would understand. Tennessee watch out for the black out. That was the most intense I had ever seen a crowd at Sanford Stadium, and most energized had seen a Georgia team during the Mark Richt era.

4. Offensive Line Coach: Georgia's offensive line is coached by the greatest offensive line coach in America, Stacey Searles. He created the LSU offensive line for Nick Saban and Les Miles before heading to Athens last season. It took some time to break the line from their previous bad habits, but once he did the Georgia offense was off and running.

5. The Hype: There are a lot of people on this website who do not believe Georgia can live up to the hype. They reference teams from the Vince Dooley era. I mean I could be mistaken but I believe Dooley is longer the head coach. Also, Dooley was not that great of a coach, if his coaching would not have got in the way Georgia may very well have won more National Championships during his tenure. The 1980 team had a nickname the BVDs, Beyond Vince Dooley, meaning not even Vince Dooley could screw that team up. I digress, Georgia will be fine this year playing to the hype, and keeping expectations in perspective. They have phenomenal leaders on the team who will keep their heads straight. I believe there were a lot of critics out there who said before the Sugar Bowl that Georgia would be depressed they didn't get into the NC game, they wouldn't live up to expectations. Brennan would massacre the Dawgs, etc. Um, no.