NXT: Wade Barrett Or Daniel Bryan? You Choose

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IApril 18, 2010

After the first voting pole of NXT took place, we all can say for sure that we have our favourites to win, and that we have already decided who has no chance in hell, of winning.

Apparently the two rookies that are favourites to win are the Englishman Wade Barrett, and "The American Dragon" Bryan Dan... err Daniel Bryan. Some, may say that Justin Gabriel has some chances of winning too, but he is the dark horse of the race.

So, lets check why, and why not each of them should win.

Wade Barrett:

Since his debut the arrogant brawler Wade Barrett has impressed has, he has showed some great mic skills and that he can cut a solid promo. He is constantly improving his in-ring skills, and he has showed that he has personality and charisma.

Why should he win:

1) Solid on the mic.

2) He has showed that he has personality.

3) He can cut a good promo.

4) He has the looks of a future champion.

Why not:

1) He has got average wrestling skills.

2) He isn't very experienced (started wrestling in 2007).


Daniel Bryan :

The WWE is applying the against all odds rule on him. He has a bad mentor, he is tiny but still he manages to survive. He is very experienced and he is a fantastic performer. Still, Daniel lacks mic skills ,personality and charisma.


Why should he win:

1) He is a great technical wrestler.

2) He is very experienced.

3) He reminds us of a 60s-80s wrestler mode (Lou Thesz)


Why not:

1) He hasn't showed any personality

2) He lacks things like charisma and mic skills (his mic skills are average)


My opinion: Call me crazy but in my opinion Barrett is the man. Unlike Bryan he can cut a good promo, and he has got really good mic skills. Bryan is a better wrestler, but Barrett is what we need today in wrestling, an all-around wrestler.