Sidney Lowe II Gets A Lucky Roll Of The Dice In Criminal Court

Rodney SouthernCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

So, Sidney Lowe II finally has been sentenced here in our Greensboro courts for his part in a crime spree last year.  Superior Court Judge Henry Frye Jr. saw fit to sentence Lowe II to eleven years in prison.

Boy, that is sending a message for multiple charges of robbery, drugs, and kidnapping.  (Insert sarcasm)  Then, he turns around and suspends the sentence to only 15 months. 

I smell favoritism brewing in the Tar Heel State.

Lowe II was facing up to 23 years in prison so I would dare say that he got off pretty easy.  The reasons given for the light charge was his showing of remorse. Remorse? Let us take a look at that.

If you are truly remorseful, you do not continue your criminal behavior after the fact.  These were not charges from a one time incident.  These were multiple charges from more than one episode.

How remorseful could Lowe II be?  Remorseful that he got caught is more like it.

How serious were the crimes?  Well, a man was shot during an armed robbery.  One of his fellow criminals was charged with attempted murder. 

Throw in another episode where Lowe and accomplices broke into a house and smashed a bottle over their victim's head. 

That episode was six counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and six counts of second degree kidnapping.  Add in one count of assault inflicting serious bodily injury for good measure.  This does not even include the drug charges and stolen goods charges.

Lowe II started by claiming innocence on all charges.  More remorse from the young man. He ended up pleading guilty on most of the charges including the more serious charges.  So much for innocence and remorse.

This is a prime example of favoritism in the eye of publicity.  It is sickening to think how many years any normal citizen would get in the same situation and it turns my stomach.

I believe that any man makes mistakes, and should be allowed to redeem themselves once they have paid their debt to society.

The problem with crap like this is that Lowe II will come out of prison having learned little other than the fact that he can get away with what others can not.  How is this good for the young man?

One last little side note:  Lowe II was sentenced to a low security (translation - penthouse by prison standards) prison.  How many convicted armed robbers do you know in that kind of prison?